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A pay per listing protocol is in effect on the TRIBE MESSAGEBOARD. Promoters will be required to pay a small token fee to list their event on TRIBE, Canada's busiest entertainment website.

The steps are quite simple, really:

1. Pay
2. Post
3. Profit from increased attendance at your event.

Promoters are given a special member status that enables them to post events on the TRIBE MESSAGEBOARD in the UPCOMING EVENTS FORUM. Other registered members will not be able to post in this forum.

Promoters are not allowed to post events in other forums on our site except for the UPCOMING EVENTS FORUM.

We now also give promoters the option to either put our logo on the flyer or not, depending on their requirements. Putting our logo on your flyer redirects people back to this site where they will see your event listing so we recommend it, and you will also pay half as much to list your event.

We aim to keep the fee lower than the average cover charge for 1 person attending an event in the scene. Note that the fees below apply to independant event promoters and nightclub events, not events that are part of a large corporate ad campaign. If you are a corporate advertiser and wish to use the board to promote, please contact directly as a different fee structure applies.

Listings will be deleted automatically after the event has occurred; usually the morning after the event.

If you are running a weekly event please run and pay for a new listing every week, your previous week's listing will be deleted automatically, the day after it occurs.



The Canadian banks have a service called Certapay that operates on the Interac network. You can pay us online by going here and pay

You can use a variety of credit cards through the PAYPAL payment network. This process is safe and secure. Click on the pay button below and follow the prompts, indicating in the appropriate field which event you are going to list and pay for.

We are notified by PAYPAL when payment is received. You will also get a receipt from PAYPAL indicating payment has been made. Print it out so you can claim it as a business expense for your club or promotion company.

Posts that have not been paid for will be deleted.

**Post your listing in the Upcoming Events Forum**

Post your event according to the standard format in the forum:

April 19 Party Name @ Club feat. DJ Headliner
April 9 BANG Saturdays presents DJ headliner

Multiple postings for the same event are not allowed. Do not use hype phrases like FREE or cheap cover! in the thread title as they will be deleted unless they are part of the actual name of your event. Avoid using characters like |{}\[]<>+...*# as it makes the forum hard to read. We reserve the right to edit yout thread title for legibility in the forum. DO not put an URL in the thread title unless the URL is your company or event name.

Avoid bumping your thread with useless data to keep it at the top of the forum heirarchy. We consider bumps to be post made for the apparent sole purpose of keeping the thread at the top of the forum. Bumping is not allowed. It also makes your event look lame in the eyes of seasoned partiers who come to TRIBE for quick and accurate information on events.

We reserve the right to delete superfluous bumps in your thread and/or lock the thread so you can't make any more of them in the thread.

If you really want your promo at the top of the forum all the time, buy banner advertising on TRIBE and help support our community.

**Post your listing in the Calendar**

Please don't forget to post your event on the calendar as well!

1. Click the calendar button (button on the top right of any page on the board or click "what's going on tonight" link on top of any page).
2. Click post public event
3. Select your date and fill in the form much like you did for your event listing in the upcoming events forum, remember to keep your title short so it fits on the calendar.

These listings will also be reprinted in the issue of TRIBE that coincides with your event.

** Posts that haven't been paid for will be deleted.

Event listing with TRIBE logo on the flyer: $10
Event listing without TRIBE logo on the flyer: $20
Event listing without any printed flyer at all: $20
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How do I get promoter status on the board?

You have to be an event promoter. You can Private Message alexd if you are a registered board member, or email if you are not, and I will give you the special promoter status.
Once we receive a paypal notification that you have paid for your event listing we will enable your promoter status on the board so you can post the event.

How much traffic does the TRIBE board get?
Our current stats (month of March 2005) indicate we are serving just over 1 million
pageviews A DAY
. We get about 175,000 unique viewers a month. These numbers are measured independently by 247Canada and their data is audited by the Audit Bureau of Circulation. TRIBE is the busiest entertainment information site in Canada and one of the largest and busiest online communities on the Internet.

I don't have a credit card, what can I do?

Use Certapay/Interac to pay by email go to and pay Or, get the venue or club where you are throwing your event to use their company credit card to pay for the listing. Get a friend with a paypal account to pay for the listing.

Can I pay by cheque?
You can pay by cheque, however we will have to wait till your cheque clears before you can post your event. Send a cheque made out to TRIBE to Box 65053, 358 Danforth Ave. Toronto, ON M4K 3Z2, include a hard copy of the flyer. We recommend you pay by paypal instead.

It is for a charity, can I post for free?
Unfortunately not. TRIBE already sponsors several charities including the Aids Committee of Toronto, CANFAR, and the Yonge St. Mission.

Its a free party, can I post for free?


My club has the same flyer for Friday and Saturday nights... Can I pay one fee and get both nights listed?
Now that you have saved all that money on flyer printing you should have no trouble paying the tiny amount needed to list each of the nights on TRIBE.

Can I pay for one Saturday and list a whole bunch of Saturday events?
No. It is $10 per date (with a logo on the flyer) or $20 per date (without a logo on the flyer). So for a month of Saturday event listings it would cost $40 with logo, $80 without logo.

Why are you doing this? Why do we have to pay now?
The small fee we are charging is less than 1 average covercharge at an event - which you will easily make back from the increased attendance at your event due to the listing. It helps us pay for the huge bandwidth costs, server fees, and site maintenance.

What! You making me pay? Think of all I've done for the scene
We know how important you are, and your skills as a promoter are fabulous, but your party has to be worth at least 10 bucks in advertising expenses, right?

Where does the money go?

Our bandwidth fees are huge. These listing fees go to offset the cost of operating the servers.

How many promoters from my company can post for our event?
One. It becomes difficult to admin the board when people have multiple aliases or multiple promoters post threads or posts for the same event on the board.
In fact, one of the reasons why we instituted the current change of policy was to prevent multiple aliases and bumping by the same or multiple promoters for one event. This is why we ask promoters to nominate one promoter out of their group to post the upcoming event and manage the event listing.

Thanks for being a part of TRIBE,

Alex D.

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