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We got in at the perfect time with our daughter. solid year of IBI and vocal...cost us nothing.
I know you’re probably all over anything I could send. ...but please know that I’m with you and if there’s ever a local event, I will attend. Cheers bud.
at some point, a slap occurred and that was not consensual. Beetlejuice Beetlejuice Beetlejuice.
Hi LeoGirl - did you ever get the number of the $75 cat ingrown nail removal place? Would love to have that number as well.
Hey dude. Thanks for the offer on the MS Australia links. I managed to find a bunch via torrent and will start with those. I’ll let you know if I need more and we’ll sort something out. Much appreciated!!
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So self sufficient, go get em tiger!
I am out $400 and the hard thing is I work with this girl that owes me the money, what do you suggest I can do about this? Revenge.
you mentioned this: "electro is my life... Detroit holds the secrets" in a post here.
Is this part of a track you heard?
Could name me the artirst and track name please? thanks
If you're not gonna change your username to Dummy Underpants, mind if I use it. LOL!

haha. Nope, i'm owning it.
Dude - this is the only place I can find anything of you. If you get this, reach out buddy. Would love to know what you're up to.