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Anyone wanna buy some short XLR cables? Good for 19 inch rack connects or other closely connected units
Hey! I’m still sorting through the stacks and have 2-3 boxes of stuff. Mostly tech and big-room stuff, 1990 forward. Once I get through the sort, I’ll catalogue the stuff that goes and let you know. Cheers!
Hello y'all
I'm planning on driving in the next couple days from Regina sk to Toronto, with me will be my wife, a 3yr old and a 3month old and my brother.
We are asking for opinions on whether to go thru Canada or down South, looking which is more safer and efficient route.
Appreciate your expert opinions!!
I know you’re probably all over anything I could send. ...but please know that I’m with you and if there’s ever a local event, I will attend. Cheers bud.