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Zuckerberg and Facebook are in trouble

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Bernnie Federko

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U.S. regulators, states sue Facebook for ‘predatory’ conduct

U.S. regulators have sued to force a breakup of Facebook as 48 states and districts accused the company in a separate lawsuit of abusing its market power in social networking to crush smaller competitors.

The antitrust lawsuits were announced by the Federal Trade Commission and New York Attorney-General Letitia James. The FTC specifically asked a court to force Facebook to sell off its Instagram and WhatsApp messaging services.

Facebook called the government actions “revisionist history” that punishes successful businesses and noted that the FTC cleared the Instagram and WhatsApp acquisitions years ago
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Still - it's like, quiet around here now ain't it?

Kinda nice... :)

There's this benefit from the Trump banning in mental health we shouldn't discount!

You're right on that front.

I wish Zuck the Cuck the best of luck before the inevitable Congressional Inquiry trying to explain how he's not responsible for any of this.
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Billionaires rarely face consequences. The bans are a knee-jerk and too little, too late. Driving these meme-fed rubes underground isn’t the answer. Calling them out with indisputable fact and truth is the only approach that makes sense. There’s a been massive, missed opportunity here and it’s likely too late to reverse the damage that’s been done to “hearts and minds”, due to these late-game calls. They’ve only served to up the anti in the “us vs. them” department.

The garbage being posted via subs on Telegram may offer some insight into the deprogramming that’s required here. It’s ugly situation and it runs through at least two generations. The recovery from this will take nothing short of a miracle.
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Bernnie Federko

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Facebook released a report showing the platform's most viewed link in Q1 was a news article about a doctor who died of natural causes two weeks after getting a COVID vaccine.

  • Why it matters: Facebook's release came a day after the N.Y. Times wrote (subscription) that the report had been shelved because executives feared it could make the company look bad.
  • Earlier in the week, Facebook released a Q2 "Widely Viewed Content Report," which it said would be the first in a series.
Facebook's Andy Stone said in a Twitter thread accompanying the release that the mainstream news story about the doctor illustrates "just how difficult it is to define misinformation."

  • Stone cited a Harper's essay by BuzzFeed's Joe Bernstein, a 2021 Nieman Fellow, saying: "'Misinformation' and 'disinformation' are used casually and interchangeably ... In their crudest use, the terms are simply jargon for 'things I disagree with.'"
Read the Q1 report ... Read the Q2 report.
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