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Zuckerberg and Facebook are in trouble

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Bernnie Federko

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Facebook, once the darling of Dems, is now their demon.

  • One of Facebook's biggest 2020 headaches isn't election interference or fake news — it's worrying about what a Democrat in the White House could mean for the business, Axios' Sara Fischer and Scott Rosenberg write.
Why it matters: Big Tech got a warm embrace from Democrats during the Obama years. No longer.

  • Many of them hold Facebook responsible for President Trump's 2016 victory, blame it for misinformation, and vow to regulate or break it up.
Democratic contenders responded with visceral dislike to mentions of Facebook during the N.Y. Times' recent on-camera endorsement interviews:

  • Joe Biden: "I’ve never been a fan of Facebook, as you probably know. I’ve never been a big Zuckerberg fan. I think he’s a real problem."
  • Bernie Sanders: "You have Facebook and Twitter, Google, enormous amount of the advertising that is done online. These are very, very serious problems."
  • Pete Buttigieg: "[T]hat’s the problem with Facebook. No one company and no one person should have the kind of power that they’ve accumulated."
P.S. President Trump praised Mark Zuckerberg during an interview in Davos with CNBC's Joe "Squawk Box" Kernen:

  • "[H]e's done a hell of a job, when you think of it. ... I heard he was going to run for president. That wouldn't be too frightening, I don't think. But he does have that monster behind him."
tribe magazine legacy photo exhibit
tribe magazine legacy photo exhibit