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Zirca: Space - An Atmospheric Journey (intelligent/old school dnb)


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This one covers 13+ years of DnB in 45min. I dug up all the pre-liquid goodness I have in the crates for this one. Back to the days of "intelligent" and "oldschool" (for lack of a better word). Feedback is always appreciated good or bad.

Thanks to all those who downloaded and provided feedback on my last one, "Ladies Night". It was my most successful mix to date with over a couple thousand downloads.


Zirca: Space - An Atmospheric Journey-->Right Click, Save As

Mav & Spinor - Me Against the Machine (Fokuz)
Psidream - Quiver (Nerve)
Hypersonix - Turn U Loose (Dope Ammo)
Duo Infernale - Playing Games (Horizons)
Drum Origins - Oracle (Fokuz)
Omni Trio - Breakbeat Etiquette [London Steppers Rmx] (Moving Shadow)
Mykra - What U Need (Fokuz)
Orion - Requiem (Fokuz)
Polar - Reversed Psychology (Subtitles)
Omni Trio - Diffusion Loops (Moving Shadow)
Optical - Moving 808s (Prototype)
Architex & Loxy - Psychic Mental Discharge (?)
Shimon & Andy C - Genetix (Ram)
Shimon - Within Reason (Ram)
Origin Unknown - Valley of the Shadows (Ram)


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Almost 60
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Interested in all of your guys feedback (good or bad). The mix is nothing like "Ladies Night", it's much more of an atmospheric/subdued vibe (hence the title) then pure party tunes.


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finally got around to listening.. dan, i really enjoy your mixes, mange! this one is quite different from your last mix (ladies night).. i was telling you just last week how i really appreciate said diverseness.. keep up the good work! looking forward to your jam on the 7th :)