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YYG14 Dancin' In The Dark


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Purely from the heart and of the mind. And LIVE in the moment; as all my mixes have been since them moment I felt the desire to do so. This mix showcases some of my most favorite artists and music; that somehow came together in the most magical way for ME. As if I was playing/partying with you for you!!! Tequila and Lime Got Me Thru the night for this one. Hence the randomness!!! :pEnjoy the ride!!! - Preacherman


Weiss (UK) 'My Sister (Original Mix)'
Lamek 'Party Locale (Orginal Mix)'
Sandy Rivera, Haze 'Freak (Franky Rizardo Remix)'
German Brigante, Samuel Dan 'What's The Problem (Original Mix)'
Seff 'In My Soul (Original Mix)'
Eddie Amador, Ricardo Espino, Fernando Vidal 'House Music Continues (Original Mix)'
Niko Schwind, Lil Magdalene 'My Heart Is On Fire (Dale Howard Remix)'
Want More 'Be-Bop (Shiba San Edit)'
James Barnsley 'Want to Be (Chez Damier Dub One)'
Flashmob 'Reality (Original Mix)'
Mark Henning 'Collider (Original Mix)'
Nathan Barato 'Dirty (Original Mix)'
Matt Sassari 'Boyd Lagune (Original Mix)'
Tez Perez, Hevy Mendez 'Lola (Original Mix)'
Ben Teufel 'U See (Will Monotone's Beat Driven Remix)'
Sante, Sidney Charles 'Blow (Original Mix)'
Lars Wickinger 'Shit Storm Boogy (Original Mix)'
Prompt, Prompt Live Band 'Walk With Us (Original Mix)'
Marc Romboy 'The Advent (Nic Fanciulli Remix)'
Andre Galluzzi, Dana RuH 'Beetle (Original Mix)'
Odd Parents 'Learn To Fly (Maceo's 808 Dub)'
Michi Muzik 'Elahe (Original Mix)'
Presslaboys 'Alito Pesante (Nathan Barato's This Is More Of A Tool Remix)'
Sidney Charles 'Home Territory (Original Mix)'
Stop Bill C-10