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Yumm Yumm Good no.12 'Bounce by the Lake Finale' closing set


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May 18th, I drove 8 hours, to Toronto; starting early at 4 AM that Sunday morning; rain or shine it was going to be one for the books. For those that were in attendance and those kicking themselves for missing it here is my lay down as the final set of the evening. I only 'HOPE' that the rest of the sets will surface cuz there was magic in the music from hour 1 to hour 13. A special shout out to the Toronto Production Teams, The Night Owls and their blazing track "Da Bad Bwoy (Original Mix)" and Speed Boats & Big Explosions for there solid deep house closing of the night "The Music Sounds Better With You (Carl Hanaghan Remix)" ... let the memories live on ... BOUNCE HOUSE ALL NIGHT LONG!!!!


Ruffline (Original Mix) Sidney Charles
American Hustle (Original Mix) Pleasurekraft, Jaceo, Vedic
Unwritten (Hollen Remix) Leon, Greenbeam
El Cambio Politico (Original Mix) Pirupa, Hollen
Discourse (German Brigante Remix) Oriol Calvo, Manu Gonzalez
Funky Room (Original Mix) Ruben Zurita
Cookin' (Original Mix) Quivver
Give It to Me Baby (Jerry K) Smutty and Funky
We Go (BBQ Remix) Luke Solomon feat Natalie Broomes
Da Bad Bwoy (Original Mix) The NightOwls
Hip Pump (Jose V Remix) Luca Lento
Acid Monks (Original Mix) Alex Kenji & Luigi Rocca
Insecure (Original Mix) WhiteNoize
Eastchester (Original Mix) Crazibiza Eastchester
Cvile Mi Jaja (Original Mix) UMEK
The Music Sounds Better With You (Carl Hanaghan Remix) Speed Boats & Big Explosions
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