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Yumm Yumm Good Eleven 'Putting The Pieces Together' Deep Funky Techno


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The 11th Installment of Yumm Yumm Good. Each compilation is uniquely different and in this one I thought I would put out a solid 'Givn'r :D

Some familiar sounds in this one. With two stand out tracks one is the remix by Nathan Bararto of Ramiro Lopez' "D.L.A.S.S" just the way he turns it up a notch after the break down really grabbed my attention. And the other is from Maximus Belini "Like This" 1605 Label [monster jam;)]

Oh yeah one more thing; I just discovered em and perhaps you know of him but Simon Doty is a Canadian too from Alberta and he has got himself a nice catalog as well.

Enjoy! And Thanks for Taking the time to listen and support.!!!

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