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YUMM YUMM GOOD 10 'Animal Magnetism' Deep Tech Techno Grooves


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Magnetism can be compared to a sixth sense. The sense are neither defined nor described. They are rather felt. One cannot explain to a blind man what colours are. One would need for him to be able to "feel", them, that is, to see them. The same holds true for magnetism. It must be mainly transmitted through inward feeling. It is only feeling that can make the theory of it understandable - Franz Mesmer

I will forever be grateful to this community for allowing me a space to share, learn and appreciate the amount of music knowledge that I gained over the years. I am and will be forever influenced by the talent that puts their music on here for me to listen to and enjoy on occasion.

Thank you and I hope you enjoy this latest installment of YUMM YUMM GOOD. Have a Great Weekend!!! - Preacherman

YUMM YUMM GOOD 10 'Animal Magnetism'