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YouTube Thread: Techno Room Edition

The Truth

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Transversable Wormhole (Adam X)-Transducer

Gregor Tresher interview

Scan 7 live at Maximal-Milan, Italy

I Love Techno 2010 trailer
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The Truth

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Flying Lotus-HmmHmm

Sandwell District interview

Chris Liebing & Speedy J-Traktor Scratch Pro

Gui Boratto Europe 2010 tour

The Truth

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Phil Kieran-R.E.S.P.

Umek interview

James Holden live at Wonderland-Lyon, France

Boys Noize in Shanghai, China
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The Truth

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Awakenings NYE 2010
Rotterdam, Netherlands

Adam Beyer

Alan Fitzpatrick

Joseph Capriati

Paul Ritch

Cari Lekebusch

Miss Djax

DJ Rush


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Drumcode Room = boring load of all-sound-sameness. Especially Cari L. (dude, fist-pumping and making little heart symbols with your hands? really?), who used to bring such a unique sound to the table.

Rush's DJing has always been a little too jackhammerish for my liking, but at least you can hear the crowd going off during his set.


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[YOUTUBE]g5pnUebF5tg[/YOUTUBE] <3

I have a weakness... once I start posting videos, I can't stop. :confused:

(not all techno, but close enough)
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The Truth

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Tony Rohr interview

Marcel Dettmann & Ben Klock at Cocorico Club-Riccione, Italy
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