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Yousef & Behrouz 's Renaissance Frontiers

Discussion in 'Progressive Room' started by HouseHeadSacha, Oct 18, 2005.

  1. HouseHeadSacha

    HouseHeadSacha TRIBE Member

    Well havent listened to Yousefs, (leave that to the house room) but have listened to Behrouz's cd. Upon first listen mostly as backround music, I likey!

    More review later.


    Track Listing:
    Disk 1 - Yousef
    1. Joeski Feat Mr Reo - Find A Way (Sneak Remix) Listen to sample
    2. Ponta Negra - Fudge
    3. Eddie & The Eggs - A Cup Of Coffee
    4. No Assembly Firm - No Future In Your Frontin'
    5. Switch - Just Bounce 2 This Listen to sample
    6. Yousef & Nic Fanciulli - I'm No Good
    7. Johnny Fiasco - Hallucinator
    8. Justin Long & Dan X - Go! (No Assembly Firm Mix)
    9. Dj Sneak - Baby Steps Listen to sample
    10. East Coast Boogiemen & Dj Heather - Picture Of You (Jason Hodges Sticky Picture Mix) Listen to sample
    11. Palm Skin Productions - She Got Well Listen to sample
    12. Lee Mortimer Presents - The Offender
    13. Yousef & Justin Long - $Trictly Business Listen to sample
    14. Len Faki - Just A Dance (Technasia's Mix)
    15. Roach Motel Pres Two Stupid Dogs - Trouble
    16. 100% - There But For The Grace Of God (Yousef Mix)
    17. Alex Wolfenden Pres Bagnasty Feat Nasty Ep - Everyday

    Disk 2 - Behrouz

    1. Phonique Feat Erland Oye - For The Time Being Listen to sample
    2. Tm Project - Naturelize
    3. Tone Depth - Everything C/w Discrete Encounter - I Will Be (Acappella)
    4. Luca Ricci Feat Monica Hernandez - La Musica Vs El Dinero Listen to sample
    5. Jaimy - Touch It
    6. Pashka Feat Ijeoma - Island Breeze (Tommyboy Remix)
    7. The Youngsters - Confidential Music Listen to sample
    8. Parham & Dominic Plaza - Underwater Rivers
    9. Sultan & Tommyboy - You Make Me Feel Extacy
    10. Penn & Chus - Esperanza (Valentino Kanzyani Remix) Listen to sample
    11. Mad8 Vs Shawn Christopher - Deep Sleepless Night (Narcotic Thrust Remix) Listen to sample
    12. Adam Dived - Deep Inside
    13. Jonathan & Bradley - Manhattan (Big Apple Original Mix)
  2. HouseHeadSacha

    HouseHeadSacha TRIBE Member

    12. Adam Dived - Deep Inside

    always liked this track...

    and on second thought, i dont see the regulars in this room caring for this comp too much....
  3. xtollo

    xtollo TRIBE Member

    interesting, I think I'd like this...

    thanks for the heads up...
  4. AshG

    AshG Member

    yousef's tl looks real good though he's included some really old tunes on there... that said, they're bombs, so hey.
  5. HouseHeadSacha

    HouseHeadSacha TRIBE Member

    K do NOT even listen to Yousefs cd (1).
    It might one of the worst "house" music cds ever!

  6. HouseHeadSacha

    HouseHeadSacha TRIBE Member

  7. It's definitely a grating cd. Even having it on as background music it still manages to annoy.

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