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You're kicking me out for smoking a JOINT?! COME ON!


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holy fucking people.

let a man smoke a joint for crissakes.

I can walk down any street in the city and smoke a J, and i wouldnt get hassled like i do in any 'social club' i attend.

zero tolerance my ass...

so this is basically just a big fat BEEF thread cuz i got the boot from surface this evening, not 30mins after paying admission and getting in.



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ha, happened to my buddy last night too.
Meanwhile, there's probably 5 people in the bathroom snorting coke while my friend's being escorted out by 3 security guards for smoking a pinner.

Give me a fuckin' break.


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i just got back from a stag with 2 chubby strippers ripping the underwear off an extremely hairy groom to be (shiver)


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Originally posted by H2Whoa

i just got back from a stag with 2 chubby strippers ripping the underwear off an extremely hairy groom to be (shiver)
what are you doing here bro?

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Yeah, that was ass. If they had a problem they could have just been reasonable and asked you to put it out. Even at Kool Haus (pretty strict security people) they just make me stub them out when caught.

Nice to meet you for two seconds anyway.


"A lot of bullshit, that what happened."
~Tony Montana


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Did he use a flashlight to bust you!? :(

These security guys have issues. You see most security guys are of the same personality type as police officers. (i forget the name for them). But it's basically the over agressive, bully, controlling type of attitude. Add in a little roids and voila.
The thing is that these guys want to move up to be real security, or cops so they act harsh and would bust their grandma if they could to get ahead.
And i hate it when people say they are just doing their job.
When your job expects you to infringe upon the fundamental individual human rights of people, its time to get a new job. Period.




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but at the same time maui, theoretically speaking, it is to a security guard's advantage to develop harsh intolerant attitudes towards others because it puts them on a level of readiness to be able to respond to worst case scenarios. I.E. a small handful of morons are the ones who do the shit that makes bouncer more difficult for everyone in general to deal with, including those of us who deserve more lax treatment


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Umm, I can't believe that no one's mentioned that what Master Kyfe was doing _IS_ still illegal in this province/country. Of _course_ it's heavy handed of the guard to bust him out of the club... But, the security guard is entirely within his mandate to boot Kyfe out, perhaps just on the principle that Kyfe didn't even _try_ to hide it from him. Most security guards will ignore the fact that they're patrolling a chill area that absolutely reeks of pot and yet no one seems to be smoking anything...

Bottom line is that they were hired exactly to do what they did to you, Kyfe, and it's basically up to the security how they want to play it when you literally let your guard down. Last night was your turn! Take it in stride and learn your lesson. Palm the joint when holding and smoke it like a cigarette if it's visible, and for god's sake keep an eye out for the man!
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thats what i was gonna say Acheron.

while i agree it was a bit harsh, and i personally dont even really think of weed as a drug anymore...it is still illegal in canada. so the security guards busted you for doing something illegal..theres not much to complain about. sucks..but still...


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didn't someone mention in the system thread that a club can lose it's liquor license if any illegal substances are found inside? a club cannot function without a liquor license...they're totally justified in kicking you out.

Vote Quimby

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Correct. Remember Xit? For the longest time they didn't have a liquor license. The reason being is that the inspectors found people smoking pot, amongst other things. Same reason why System is without a license for the next 2 weekends. One of the reasons again was that they found someone smoking a J. It should be legal, but until it is, an establishment has a right to protect it's investment. That's a lot of money System will not be making.


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Yeah, liquor license inspectors are on the prowl. Any drug infractions they see whether it be smoking a joint or passing a kilo of heroin counts the same. The city has decided there are too many large liquor license venues out there and they're out to shut some down. Clubs have to be very vigilant in uptaining their zero drug policies.
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lol.. yes.. thanks guys... the fact that there is also a Kyfe on this board makes it even more frustrating when someone spells my nick that way... but whatever..

as for the joint...

well i prolly gave myself away real stupid, cuz the club wasnt that full.. so i went to the front to ask if they had in and out privs. they said no.. so i went to the back to toke.. then i got busted.. they prolly followed me right from the front door and waited for me to spark up.

but nevertheless... i think it's truly indecent to have both a zero tolerance AND a no re-entry policy.

i mean i know they shouldnt have to bend over backwards to accomodate potheads.. but how hard is it to draw a symbol on a persons hand so they can get back in after smoking (out of their club).....

this way.. everybody wins....

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Wait until smoking is completely banned in all bars and clubs. It's going to be really tough to spark up anything and make it easy for security.
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I've only been there once, and me and Kul-kat smoked a joint in there too. A bouncer came up to her and I think he was about to say something, but then she offered him some and he said no and just walked off.


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i can't wait till smoking is banned in clubs/etc.... it will be pretty wild to go home at night and not need to put my clothes in a room other than my bedroom...

all the smoke in those places are a lil harder for non smokers to deal with than smokers, i think...

I know at fever on friday in hamilton i had to leave the club for half an hour because the smoke made me nautious(sp?).




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Originally posted by Mr_Furious
I've only been there once, and me and Kul-kat smoked a joint in there too. A bouncer came up to her and I think he was about to say something, but then she offered him some and he said no and just walked off.
^^^ actually, he took a drag and then walked off. and you forgot to mention that we even rolled the damn thing sitting right there on the couch.

BUT they have gotten more strict cause the last time i was there, i convinced my friend to light up even though he felt uncomfortable. seeing as my previous experience was so good, i didn't think we would have a problem. we were almost finished, then the next thing i know, security is walking him out the door. fawk!!!! when we got to his car he was so pissed off he wanted to smoke this fatty right away. i was thinking in my head, 'hmm, i'm already pretty fucked' but because i just got him kicked out, i'm like, ' yeah, yeah, yeah, ok, cool.' bhahhhaaahha. i ended up getting really fucked; so after i get him kicked outta surface, i make him sit in his car by himself, while i'm passed out for an hour. needless to say, i owe my friend one big time, and i don't think i'ii be going back to surface for a while. fuckin bouncers.


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oh patrick.... what can i say in regards to this?

poor guy.

that happened to us last week at system. we were only there for about 30 minutes and we had to pay a huge cover price too.... shitty situation.



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well... what i do in a situation like that is......

i say... "fuck you"... "im gonna finish this joint.. if you wanna throw me out for doing so that 's fine, however, if you violate my rights in any way... on my walk to the exit... Im sueing your ass"

I've ALWAYS been allowed to finish my joint as I've been escorted to the doors. lol.

Some bouncers are such fuckheads... worry about people chopping chems n shit... a little joint ?
Gimme a fucking break !

GO GO POWER RANGERS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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