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Your Worst Trait.


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What is it? What is your one trait that sometimes rubs people the wrong way? I would have to say I am way too opinionated,especially when it comes to music,sports and film and in the past has pissed off a fair share of friends,family,co-workers.I wish sometimes I didn't have to chime in with my 2 cents all the time,im working on it but it's damn hard.


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I don't know what mine is, but Boss Hog's is definitely the smell of his leaky mangina.

edit: that's the nastiest thing i think i've ever said. good won.
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I can be particulairly mean when I lose my temper, which isn't often, but I'm really not very nice when I do. And I swear too much. :rolleyes:
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sometimes I take too long to finish a sentence.

sometimes Im stubborn.

sometimes I worry too much about money.

sometimes I get annoyed easily with people.

sometimes Im blunt and to the point.


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In going out of my way not to hurt people's feelings, I end up hurting them anyway.

<--- Good intentions


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I can come across like I think I am better than everyone else. It is probably because some part me actually believes it. A defense mechanism I'd say.
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