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It was mentioned to me that an alias can generate a mental picture if you don't know or haven't seen a picture of said person. Mine is came from a Slotek song called Electric Soul Controller, but it also directly related to how I felt while at parties: like the electronic music had taken me over.What is the meaning or reason behind your user name? & If you changed it at some point why?


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I think this is a timeline but I'm too lazy to go find the other thread. edit: thanks Eclectic!

acheron: (ash-er-on or ack-er-on) the name of one of the tributaries of the River Styx, in Hell, where the boatman Charon ferries his charges across during their transition to everlasting damnation; also the other name of the planet LV-426, where the derilect spacecraft was found in the movie Alien.

I also go by 'Big Daddy Hame' - Hame is a contraction of Hamish (Hay-mish), my actual first name. BDH was bestowed on me by geek friends in the 1980's when we were making up DJ names for ourselves as a lark. In my case, the name stuck and is doubly accurate now that I'm a father, and 6' 2" tall.
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caz <---nickname since I was a wee lad

edit: originally 'Casper' because of the show (or my obsession with it) and morphed into 'caz' as time grew and I got older
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one day I farted and it sounded like my name (purrr-sefff-uhn-knee).

It was such a surprise, this phonic flatulence, that I decided it was kismet and persephone became my name.
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I once told someone my name (Sachin) at a concert - possibly one of those free shits at the CNE that Treble Charger always used to play - and they thought I said Flashy.
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kyfe was a word me and a firend growing up used to use to describe things that were complete and utter crap,

in olde English it meant no good and I have a tendancy to be quite bad
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finary - from the trance act 'binary finary' whose production 1998 was one of the first trance tracks i heard at one of my first parties and is largely responsible for getting me interested in the genre (read: obsessed)

and i haven't changed it because i'm one of the few tribers who still loves trance and isnt afraid to admit it ;)

<insert trance in yer pants or omg tijs jokes here>


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<---- dj name,

sorry for the unoriginality of it, but it seemed like the thing to do at the time , now i regret, for i cant hide behind a nickname :p
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