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Your Top 5...


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I'm sure this has been done, probably ad nauseum, but I'm doing this moreso as an exercise in suggestions...It's been eons since I've bought an actual studio mixed CD and figured this would be an awesome way to get many informed opinions...

Anyway, to get the ball rolling, and give you some hint as to what i'm looking for...

1. Jeff Mills - Live at Liquid Room (I know, it's not studio...but still....That opening sound takes my breath away each time...Every time I listen to this disk it's like i'm actually there, in 1994, at 3:00am on...)

2. Chris Liebing - U60311 Compilation DISK 2 (This is quite possibly my favorite produced HARD techno set Evar! The Depeche Mode remix, or whatever, I love)

3. Luke Slater - Fear and Loathing Mix Disk 2 (Awesome tack selection, pouding techno...Disk 1 ain't bad either...)

4. DJ Misjah - Zync Mixed Compilation (It's been a long time since I've listened to it, but it stuck out...)

5. Billy Nasty - Torture Chamber CD (Not as pouding as the rest, but one track, produced by Cari, Joel and Adam (if i'm not mistaken) is fucking dope; as are most of the tracks...)

Well, that's it, I know this isn't a terribly exciting thread, however, i'm hoping it'll lead to a slamming new addition to my collection.



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4 off the top of my head:

tommy smalls "unkulunkalulu"

Curt Martin " ....and then we take on Berlin"

Greg Gow " session one"

tEkKiD " blackout"

shit its all local too... ;)




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werd at tekkid - why the hell would i go out and buy a mix cd when i can share with all the local jocks that can rip it up just as good!

...curts mix is great - i can't wait to get a cd version...i haven't heard dougs or gregs, but i'm sure they're on point too

as for the big names....fumiya tanaka and derrick may's mixup cd's are also totally bomb. i haven't bought any studio mixes since 98, so i can't really say.

kid kinetik

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I cant say Ive heard studio sets of all these djs but some live shit and some studio shit by them is in heavy rotation in my listening collection at the moment......

corvin dalek
ben sims
sven vath
marco bailey

ALSO - props to all the locals I enjoy as well that I just don't have cds from. Id rather see them live than hear the best set on cd.



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Kenny Glascow - Kul-leurs
Deja vu - 4:20 am sessions
Dave Angel - Live at Gateway
Peter & Tyrone - Tech-house Vol 3
Derek Parsons - neurotek mind control :D (alright you haven't heard it yet, but you will)



p.s. still waiting to hear Tommy's - unkulunkalulu, and Tekkid's - Blackour...hint, hint; nudge, nudge
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fatty's favs:

THE ADVENT: Live @ Tresor 98

DJ RUSH: Live @ U60311



DAVE CLARKE: Live @ Ambasada

KENNY GLASGOW: Tribe presents.

..... and in regards to the P&T mixedtapes... THEY NEED TO RE-RELEASE EVERY SINGLE TAPE THEY EVER MADE !

Peter & Tyrone... WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU !?!?!?!?



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4. DJ Misjah - Zync Mixed Compilation (It's been a long time since I've listened to it, but it stuck out...)

I want this.
Who has it and wants to trade for it?
Ive got alot of intresting stuff in the more tribal vien on my HD- and ALOT of Carola sets.