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Your Radio is Broken: OMOC! + Poontz @ the Mix


Your Radio is Broken
Every Saturday morning from 4:00 am to 6:00 am with Rhys Taylor and Melon CKUT 90.3 fm http://www.ckut.ca

Last week's archive Saturday January 28, 2006:
Special guest Fil-E-Blunt from Ottawa and Dj Hoe in the Studio!
Listen to the stream or download the mp3 at the CKUT archive Grid:

2 hours of three way tag team madness with Fil-E-Blunt, Melon and Rhys Taylor
Artist - Track - Album
New York City Survivors - World of Madness - Dum Records
Exakt - Second Wave (Uprokk Remix) - Satamile
Elite Force - White Lightning - Kingsize Records
ASU - Move - White
Johnny Halo - Let It Go -
A2Z - G-Zone -
HouseBreakerz ft. Ragga Twins - Jump On It - Rat
Peace Division - Cross Wires (Syndromeda Remix) - Low Pressings
Merka - I'll Be Here - Chew the Fat
Ignosis - Autopsy Protocol - Dubplate Records
Makesome Breaksome - Bong - Splank
Beeky Tribe - Crazy Drum (Big Bass Remix) - Crazy Drum 12"
Move Yai and Steve Lavers - Ride Again - ATB
JDS - Freaky - TCR
Tony Faline - Go - Union Records
Influenza - Sublunary - Pure Phunk Records
Transformer Man - 88 mph - Tomorrow Sounds
Dave Clark - Bush - Break Cover
Brittany Spears - Toxic - Bootleg
Elite Force and Meat Katie - Nutron - Adrift Records
Devon - 924 Turbo - Devon Records
Authors of Streetology - Don't Panic - Sponge
Shuga Shack - Sunshine Days - Eminence
Plump Djs - Pressure - Finger Lickin' Records
Es la Moda - Es la Moda - Es la Moda
Funkdoobiest - Oye Papi (instrumental) - Buzz Tone Records
French Kiss Bootleg - White - White
Cut and Run - King of Bongos - Cut and Run
Cut and Run - Dark Side - Cut and Run
Dj Assault - Banging the Beat - Electrofunk
Dj Assault - Terror Tec - Electrofunk
Sole Claw (aka Myagi) - Ghetto Blaster - PurePhunk Records

Tune In This week, Saturday February 4, 2006:
Dr. Billy, aka: O.M.O.C. (Organic Manifestation Of Craziness) will be making a house call along with The Notorious Mr. Fried Chicken.
CKUT 90.3 FM in Montreal or http://www.ckut.ca
Your Radio is Broken



Every Thursday at Saphire 3699 BL. ST-LAURENT

Special Guest this week:


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