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Your Radio is Broken: Fil-E-Blunt + Melon at Mix Thursdays


Your Radio is Broken

Every Saturday morning from 4 to 6 am with Rhys Taylor and Melon CKUT 90.3 fm http://www.ckut.ca

Last week's archive Saturday January 22, 2006
Dj Bind fills in for Melon with Rhys Taylor and other guests.
Listen to the stream or download the mp3 at the CKUT archive Grid:

Sorry no Track List

Tune In This week, Saturday January 28, 2006 from 4 to 6 am:
Special guest Fil-E-Blunt from Ottawa live in the studio along with Rhys Taylor and Melon!

Fil-E-Blunt will be dropping into the studio after his set at Montréal’s hottest monthly breaks party; Planète Break. Come check him out along side Spacekadet, Pinky, Murdock and MC Regimental at Kunta Lounge from 10 pm to 3 am 2021 St-Denis 5$.

Tune into CKUT 90.3 FM in Montreal or http://www.ckut.ca afterwards for on air craziness until 6am!

Check out Capital Breaks w/ Fil-E Blunt, live on Nuskoolbreaks.co.uk every Sat. Night from 9-11pm EST!

Your Radio is Broken


This Thursday January 26, 2006:

A night of deep groovy insanity at the Mix:

Melon will be dropping a set of funky breaks

With Ultra-Special guests:
Romeo Kardec (electro house craziness!)
Miss Moly (deep house grooves!)
Product of Neglect.

Mix Thursdays at Saphire 3699 St-Laurent (Top Floor)
2 for 1 beers before midnight
5$, no cover before midnight


Well-Known TRIBEr
I've been to that night... that's the one that Rhys bartends at?

he hooked me up with many a free drink when I popped by a couple months back! waaaaaasted.... :p