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Your Radio is Broken: Dee Bass


Your Radio is Broken

Every Saturday morning from 4:00 am to 6:00 am with Rhys Taylor and Melon CKUT 90.3 fm http://www.ckut.ca

Last week's archive Saturday February 04, 2006
After much taunting, Omoc and Panama Fred arrive in the studio to explode our asses!
Listen to the stream or download the mp3 at the CKUT archive Grid:

Artist - Track - Album
Tipper - Open the Jowls - Tipper Music
Sole Claw (aka Myagi)- Edge of the Earth (Madame Mercury and Dj Whatt Remix) - Pure Phunk
MetaMinds - From the Outside Looking In - Exceleration Records
Dj Icey - Minamal Machine - Zone
Electroliners - Loose Caboose - Mob
2012 - Funky Tine (Dave London Remix) - Yes Mate
Slyde - Vibrate to This (Trouble Soup Remix) - Finger Lickin' Records
Coburn - We Interupt this Program (Stanton Warriors Remix) - Data Records

Rhys Taylor
Artist - Track - Album
White - Pressure - White
Dj Assault - Little Mama - Juke Trax
Charlie Murphy - Can You Feel the Beat - Bitch Slap
Krafty Kuts - Where's the Noise - Deep Cut

Artist - Track - Album
J.P. Bondy - Cold Reformer (Carl A. Finlow Remix) - Compost
5% Nation - Static Lock - KrackTronik
Tobias Schmidt - End Level Boss - Input/Output
Si Begg - Revalation - Nova Mute
Voisec - Silicon Scally - Compuphonic
Snog - Forever - Super Awesome Electro Friends

3 way death match!
Aquasky and Meat Katie - Overneath - Passenger
EDMX - Drop it - Breakin' Records
Audit - Phernie Phunk (Splitloop Remix) - Payback Project
Bass Junkie - Myami Style - Touchin' Bass
Fast Food Messiah - June Sex (C A Finlow Remix) - Pop Up
1L - How I Rock it - KrackTronik
JDS - Good Old Days - TCR
Barada - Trax Five - Strive Records
Tokyo Windy - Fashion Show - Fine Wine
Merka and MC Esna - Mystic Man - Chew the Fat
Freq Nasty - One More Time - Skint
Rebus Tape - Extra Bold - White
Jay Hunsterger - Movin' On - Mutek
Dj Assault - Crank this Mutha - Electrofunk Records
Rebel Sketchy - The Interview (Drummattic Twins Remix) - Payback Project
Friendly - Bump & Grind - Chew the Fat
Hollertronix - Ride - Chocolate Industries
Rich Thair - Merge 9 - Tagsta

Tune In This week, Saturday February 11, 2006:
Dee-Bass in the House!
CKUT 90.3 FM in Montreal or http://www.ckut.ca

Your Radio is Broken

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