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Your Radio is Broken: CanCon


Your Radio is Broken

Every Saturday morning from 4:00 am to 6:00 am with Rhys Taylor and Melon
CKUT 90.3 fm http://www.ckut.ca

Last week's archive Saturday February 11, 2006
More madness in the CKUT studio this week. Surprise appearances by Poontz, the Mole, Dj Bind (Holler!) and Golgo 13. With special guests Dee Bass and Nomis droppin' ill beats and fresh new sounds.
Listen to the stream or download the mp3 at the CKUT archive Grid:

Artist - Track - Album
Flack Su - Toddler (Blim's Cry Baby Remix) - Chi Recordings
Dj Icey - Bass Response - Tree
Shilo - Mana (Elite Force Remix) - Electrofly
Circuit Breaker - Gateway - Lot 49
Bastien Grine - Where R U ? - Kompakt

Rhys Taylor
Artist - Track - Album
Merka ft. MC Esna - Mystic Man - Chew The Fat
Si Begg - Survivor Boot - White
Audit - Phernie Phunk (Splitloop Remix) - Payback Project
Bone Crusher vs Sizzla - Solid As A Rock (Deekline Remix) - Hotcakes
Diplo - Gold Digger - Hollertronix

Dee Bass shows us what's up!
Artist - Track - Album
Charlie Murphy - Lady Lumps Remix - Bitch Slap
J Hz - Jack Jack - TCR
Break and Enter - Breakin' For You - Fly
Pete Samplers and Mondo Mass - Slot Machine - Down Beat Productions
La Luna - To The Beat Of The Drum - White
Soul of Man - Foxy Moron - Finger Lickin'
Dee Bass and Nomis - The Jackhammer - CDR (*Exclusive First Play*)

Battle Royal!
Artist - Track - Album
Layo and Buswacka! ft. Green Velvet - 1.Life2Live - Olmeto Records
EMS - Genitik - Satamile
Ms. Mocha - Not the Boss - Queens of Baltimore Club
Dave Clark - Shake Your Booty - Bush
Paradox 3000 - Processed Breaks - Shoe
Introspective - Skanky (Splitloop Remix) - Sinister
Paranoid Jack and Robb G - Environmental Product (Splitloop Remix) - Promo Records
Elite Force and Meat Katie - Nutron - Adrift Records
Will Saul - Animal Magic (Dj T Remix) - Copicate
Rhino Drum - Underground Sound - Electrofly

Tune In This week, Saturday February 18, 2006:
Canadian breaks will represent as we help our homeboys get paid for SOCAN week.
CKUT 90.3 FM in Montreal or http://www.ckut.ca

Your Radio is Broken


Hey I put up a new mix on the broken website

Go to http://www.brokencrew.net and follow the link in Melon’s bio.