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Your personality is in your pizza


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I worked from roughly 1990-1995 in a pizza shop.

I won't name names because I know there are others here who enjoyed the same career jump.

In the course of working there, I made many thousands of pizzas.

Many times, I spoke directly with the customers, and I lead them through the toppings we have. In retroflection, most customers would always choose the same thing, despite that we had so much on offer.

These days, I always order anchovies, onions, and black olives. In KW there is only one company who still offers anchovies, they also happen to be the one which is most generous with cheese.

I order this combination because it offers the most spectacular taste spectrum. I know this from having stolen hundreds of free pizzas.

Bitte geniessen Sie sich die Deutsche Volkslieder und auch ein Pizza oder zwei. What's better than pizza and war movies on youtube with beer after a bit of renovations.

Gruess dich.

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