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Your New Years Resolutions for 2017?


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This year I accomplished my main resolution, which was to migrate TRIBE over to new cloud servers and retire ye old timey iron servers. It was a huge job but it is complete.

This years' resolutions:

1) set up a forum at my metal detecting site GOLD UNDERWATER
2) set up https on TRIBE
3) find more gold!
4) survive the eye surgery I have to go through in the spring
5) spend more time camping in various parks with my girlfriend and dog in our snazzy new tent
6) start a consulting firm in the digital media (online advertising) space.
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yeah, letssee...

1) Quit drinking? nope
2) Quit smoking? nope

I'm doing both in fact right now.
Yay, Beer!

C) Cognate and invent another *revenue generating experience* that is as much stupid fun as my academic textbook scavenging gig. Yup, that's on my 2 Do list, and I'm open to suggestions...

D) Abstain from autoerotic pleasure. Hey, I'm way impressed that I can regularly go without rubbing one out for almost 2 weeks at a time! That being said, I miss the glory days of my youth.

E) I dunno. I'll think about it.
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Gonna try and take a break from the 420 and lower my tolerance -1-3 month thing

Happy new year tribe!!


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Resolution #1.
Listen to more Ben Klock, and admire his tour schedule locations.
Sonar Iceland ?


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okay -

25 to 30 lbs weight reduction.

read a book a month, not a picture book

more cooking and less take out

more symphony shows

less starbucks and more water

volunteer more
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Sure I'll play..

Finally marry my SO.

Lose weight, strengthen up.

More focus on skills development.

Volunteer less. Yup, you read that right. Too much on my plate.