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Your Last Meal


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terrawrist III said:
should be noted that my not having Popeye's is solely based on them being seldom seen...that's the only one I really know of minus the jane/finch location... you REALLY got me craving it with "gigantic" :D

edit: a good ol' fashioned peanut buster parfait would be nice too after my steak

and the best part is the gigantic is a combination of oversized chicken and excessive spicy batter.......mmmmm. now i want fucking popeyes this instant.
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4 pounds of chicken and steak fajitas from Lonestar with extra salsa and a 2 litre jug of pepsi, followed by an entire tube/role of baked pilsbury chocolate chip cookies.

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so far Jess (Soulster) has the best menu. if this were ever a situation I'd be facing, I might ask for the following (I am probably omitting some items but this is a good start):

first off, in order to get through a meal this size, I would request a joint, preferably ses, to help get the party started...

- 1 lobster
- a medium sized plate of scallops
- my friend's mothers pasta with veal cutlets and tomato sauce
- a bag of trail mix
- 1 soft shell crab
- jumbo shrimp from Lee Garden
- Argentinian steak from Sky Ranch
- my mom's roast chicken
- a small bowl of my mom's ham soup
- my mom's home made apple pie and a piece of home made fudge
- a case of Heineken
- two bottles of wine, preferably red, one Italian, the other a nice one from the Niagara Region that I enjoy from a winery named 'Featherstone'
- 10 medium wings from Duff's
- small pizza with proscuitto and sopressata from Abruzzo
- steak sandwich from Panini in Woodbridge

I highly doubt I'd eat all that but hey, it'd be my last meal, f*ck 'em if they have to divy up the leftovers.

after looking at that list... I'm a cravin' bastard...

edit: this would have to be an all day thing... no way, even after smoking a joint the size of a loaf of bread, could I eat all that in one sitting


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vench said:
- jumbo shrimp from Lee Garden

how could i forget Lee Garden!!

I also add:

- Lee Garden's Hot & Sour Soup
- Lee Garden's Spicy Shrimp with Eggplant in Black Bean Sauce (this dish would make me sooooo ill if i ate it cuz i'm allergic to the chillies and the eggplant. i haven't had it in at least 6 years. it would be a dream of mine to taste it one last time.)



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- corned beef hash (canned corned beef and avec lots of crispy bits) with two poached eggs
- eggs benny
- bacon
- a lobster roll
- a crab cake
- crispy frites/latke with sour cream
- pasta carbonara
- fatty braised pork belly
- popeyes fried chicken (thigh meat, spicy)
- ribs
- a big mac combo with a filet-o-fish chaser
- soup-filled pork dumplings
- potstickers
- real mac'n'chese AND kraft dinner
- an array of hot dogs and sausages
- a ribeye steak, medium rare
- seafood chowder

that's just to start
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obviously i could not eat all this at once, but since we're playing pretend...

- filet mignon
- nachos with guacamole
- smoked salmon
- brie and goat cheese. mmmmm cheese.
- baguette to go with the cheese
- red wine
- some kind of tasty salad
- sushi and sashimi
- escargots in some crazy garlicy butter sauce
- raspberries
- asparagus
- some super expensive high quality chocolate
- chateau des charmes late harvest riesling

i'm STARVING right now. :mad:
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How could I forget about cheese? Definitely some St Andre, probably wrapped in prosciutto for ease of consumption.

And latkes (very thin, with onion and garlic like my mommy makes). And like Soulster suggested: bagels from St Viateur, with lox and cream cheese. Maybe throw a barely cooked sunny-side-up egg on top too.
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-Bottle of taittinger
-Assorted cheeses:port Salut,St. Paulin, Boursin, Pere L'eveque, Cambonzola and a smooth peppercorn pate.. and Carr's water crackers..
- Escargot stuffed mushrooms with a sprinkling of parmesan..
- Ceasar salad (with my sister's dressing)
- 3 Bottles: 1982 St. Emilion ..Chateau Canon
- Beef Wellington
- Large Chateabriand (enough for 2, of course).. Rare
with a porcini mushroom sauce.
- asparagus steamed lightly with a dollop of butter and a sprinkling of parmesan
- baked potato- oven baked (no microwave) and lots of butter on the side
- steamed broccoli lightly caressed in a melted cheddar sauce.. (I'm getting hungry!)
- Chocolate mousse torte

To cleanse the palate
-Large bowl of fresh strawberries with a dollop of fresh whipped cream (a taste of vanilla in the cream)
-Another bottle of Taittinger

Ms. Fit

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2 cans of coke classic
a bottle of red wine from Napa Valley
a plate full of organic smoked salmon
1 steak medium rare
a plate full of charcuterie
melted brie cheese
potato gratin - with extra crusty cheese around the edges
a side of New York Fries with malt vinegar
chocolate mousse and a plate full of merigue

Booty Bits

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i would probably eat a bunch of stuff that i am normally allergic to, just so that i could enjoy it without worrying about the pain it might cause me.

-eggs benedict with homefries
-a pint of fresh strawberries with whipped cream
-world class chocolate ice cream from baskin robbins
-creme brulee
-a bottle of penfolds red
-creamy potato salad with egg in it

and then some other stuff that i am not allergic to and would want to eat too:

-spicy hamachi maki
-miso black cod
-green beans sauteed with shallots and garlic
-my mom's babaganoush
-duck with really crispy skin
-rack of lamb, medium rare
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lightly fatty and rare beef pho with lots of hot sauce
a dozen oysters on the half shell
smoked salmon on tiny potato pancakes
dill pickles
lobster bisque
bacon wrapped scallops
artichokes dipped in butter
1 bottle of stoli - very cold, to be consumed with soda and fresh lime
vanilla ice cream
crème brule
1 delicious belmont mild


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Muffin said:
artichokes dipped in butter
1 bottle of stoli - very cold

Yes and Yes..
But want the stoli neat and have those little rye breads with camembert to snack on.. Yum!

Fried eggplant :eek:
Soo Good!


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- case of stella
-72oz porter house topped medium rare topped with 1lb bacon and 1lb king crab meat
- pot of kona coffee
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