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Your Halloween Costume: 2013 edition

Boss Hog

TRIBE Member
I was just wasn't excited for Halloween this year. But the morning before the party, my wife came up with our last minute "Pop Art Couple" costume idea. Presumably from Pinterest. :p


So let's see what you did this year!


Staff member
Mr. & Ms. Boss Hog always have the best Halloween costumes.

I was out last night as well (I was a panther!) and didn't notice too many really slutty costumes. Halloween is a time for sluttiness, and there should have been more.
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i was joe dirt last year

the wig i got was literally immune to any kind of cutting. no idea what kind of fucked up material they used to make it

forgot i did my beard and heard about it at work on the monday(not to mention strange looks at the coffee shop in the am)
was supposed to be in a prohibtion era murder mystery last night but have the flu so stayed in


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For once my work costume (it's a big deal and worth $$) will take seconds to put on and cost me nothing, yet I keep being tempted to embellish and therefore make it actual work. Must resist the urges, it's going to be great just the way it is!! :(