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your first concert.

Stop Bill C-10


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Duran Duran, Maple Leaf Gardens, March 5, 1984
Duran Duran Concert Setlist at Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto on March 5, 1984 | setlist.fm

I was 12, I went by myself and deaf for two days afterward from the screaming girls. I remember getting tickets was a huge to-do, the alleyway behind A&A Records (where the ticket outlet was) was filled with people waiting for tickets, some of them had been there for days. I went down after school the day the tickets went on sale (at 5pm) and wiggled my way through the crowd right up to the door. I was the second person they grabbed and pulled in the door. I managed to get a "green" seat which was better than "grey"...

Anyway it was awesome. Also, it's the concert they taped for the video for "The Reflex".

Klubmasta Will

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The Beautiful South at The Concert Hall in 1989. (I think that is the year but I may be mistaken. I cannot find a setlist online.)

This was their first concert after The Housemartins disbanded and some members formed The Beautiful South. 'Welcome to the Beautiful South' remains one of my favourite albums. Between Paul Heaton and Brianna Corrigan, they had two of the my favourite voices of all time.
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I don't remember which show I saw 1st, but I recall between 1983-1985 I saw Kiss, Van Halen, David Bowie/Peter Gabriel double bill, and The Police on their "Synchronicity" tour.

So far I'm winning.

Actually I think it was Kiss I saw 1st. I actually went to that with my sister, who was a huge fan.
(I also went to Van Halen with my sister and her friends, as she had a huge crush on both David Lee Roth and Eddie).

rave jedi

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U2 Joshua Tree Tour, October 3, 1987 CNE Stadium Toronto

In retrospect, I still consider it one of the best and most memorable nights of my teenage years and whole existence! LOL Missed the first opening band Little Steven And The Disciples Of Soul, but saw Los Lobos before U2 came on.

1987-10-03 - U2 - Aardvark's Aattic

10/03/1987 Canadian National Exhibition Stadium - Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Where The Streets Have No Name, I Will Follow, Trip Through Your Wires, I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For / Exodus (snippet), MLK, The Unforgettable Fire, Exit / Riders On The Storm (snippet) / Van Morrison's Gloria (snippet), In God's Country, Sunday Bloody Sunday, Help, People Get Ready, Bad, October, New Year's Day, Pride (In The Name Of Love),
encores: Bullet The Blue Sky, Running To Stand Still, With Or Without You, 40

U2Station.com | Tours | Joshua Tree - 3rd Leg - North America | October 3, 1987 - Toronto, Ontario, Canada - Canadian National Exhibition Stadium


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U2 Joshua Tree Tour]

Yeah I caught this show in Vancouver in '87. I don't recall if Los Lobos opened (because I didn't really care). But yeah, this particular U2 concert tour was epic, basically playing all their best songs from their best albums.
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Musical Rush

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Still have the tickets.....


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First live show was Platinum Blonde playing a free concert at Victoria Park in London in 1987. First real concert was The Cult with Lenny Kravitz opening in 1992 at Copps Coliseum in Hamilton.
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Prince and the Revolution with Sheila E and Appolonia as the opening act / Maple Leaf Gardens Dec 2/1984..

......entire venue lit up purple when he struck the first Purple Rain chord.


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I think it was Club MTV Tour featuring Was (Not Was), Information Society, Paula Abdul, Milli Vanilli and Tone Loc. 1989


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Tool w/ Failure - Winnipeg @ La Rendezvous (had to look that venue up!) sometime in May 1994.
I was 13.
I remember there were a lot of dudes there and some guys spilled his drink on me.
Maynard wore only boxer briefs for the entire show.
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