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Your best party so far, in 2002.


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It was a Deep Dish at The Kool Haus, where Cheezwhiz and I were discussing the upcoming year in parties. I said if this is any indication of what's to come this year, then YIPPEE!!! He named he review of that night "the standard for the year"

It's been 4 months since the calendar changed. I've enjoyed many parties so far, including S&D, Armin, Satoshi, 00 Fleming...but DD remains my best time so far. It was one of those nights, where I realized how much I love music, and how important and wonderful it is to party and enjoy yourself, and to dance. I've had a great time at other parties this year, but Deep Dish is my fave as of yet.

Summer is coming...strap on your dancing shoes kids...
I have a feeling this might be a blow-up summer. :D

So far, what's your best night?


Cheer Bear

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I can't remember what parties I've gone too, probably no more than 5.


None of them were that good, I'm sure. Armin was good though (from what i heard that night)
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hands down SASHA AND DIGWEED!!!

after that deep dish in waterloo, cause that's where I hooked up with the woman I love.

after the 10th of May Jelo vs Deko-ze will be tied for best of the year ;)


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given that my sample size for "Parties attended by Sabina in 2002) is small (read: 2 events), I don't think that the "best party of the year" status can be warranted on any of the events I've been to.

However, not withstanding that info, I still say that the technomeet fukhouse jam with pantytec was the best event I've been to this year. :D



.:. share what you know, learn what you don't .:.
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Nothing has really knocked me on my ass this year yet, not for lack of trying.

It would be a two-way tie: Bittersweet was a great PARTY, definitely the most fun I've had this year out, even considering I went alone. Wait, did I go alone? Yeah, I think I did.

Music-wise it was Thomas Krome at Turbo. Reminded me how much I like dirty hard techno served up steaming and jagged.


It was NOT John "00" Phlegming. :p

..for me.

Listening to a Hybrid set right now and they're dropping in Radiohead.. NIIICE.


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don't go out much, but....

AVB 2 weeks ago
Darkrave..hell every month is good

Can't think of anymore...although I'm sure I would have put "00" Fleming on my list if I went.

feisty boy

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sorry, toronto, but last week's trip to new york set new standards for me.
richie hawtin at boo6, mistress barbara at baktun, and LTJ bukem at centro-fly.

they have this novel concept there, where EVERYONE dances and just plain lets loose when they go out.
no judgementalism, no elitism, no thugs, no etards - even the bouncers treat you with respect.

all that aside, andy c at bittersweet will be the set to beat for the year.


top 5 so far for 2002

Sasha & Digweed @ K Haus.whoa
Peter Rohaufer @ Stereo.boom
John 00 Fleming @ System.sweet
Sander K & Max Graham @ K Haus.groove
The Dukes @ System.fun
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Re: top 5 so far for 2002

Originally posted by Tearer
Sasha and Digweed @ K Haus
Peter Rohaufer @ Stereo
John 00 Fleming @ System
Sander K and Max Graham @ K Haus
The Dukes @ System

we think alike... my top 3:

1. Sasha & Digweed
2. 00 Fleming
3. Sander K


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Eye Opener in Buffalo
Sasha and Digweed in Rochester
Infected Mushroom in Toronto......

they all had that thing called a vibe, everyone going to those events knew exactly what they were going to and had excitement for the events which resulted in insanity.. they were all like being at a party for the first time all over again, just pure fun, no worries, smiling friendly people everywhere.....

Fresh Start will blow those all away tho ;)
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Holy shit, I couldn't have butchered that editing job any more if I had a dull machete.

Don't worry Beebs, my heart belongs to you and only you. You.


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Originally posted by mingster
Deep Dish is my fave as of yet.

Looks like we have very similar tastes in music!

I loooovvvved Deep Dish. Everthing about that night was just superb. Almost as good as Fat Boy last year & Paul Van Dyke at Industry a couple of years ago. Nights like that are simply magical!


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My best party this year was Sasha & Digweed. My night was made amazing by a combination of who I was with, the music, and the setting. Didn't hurt that it was an overall fantastic weekend too.
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