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your best music tutorials


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just wondering where everybody goes for their sound design...

the d. ramirez tutorials are good (even though they're for logic, and I use ableton) but the principles still apply.....just checking Ill Gates production videos (but I don't have the cash, although my parents would like spring for it - yes I"m a broke mofo)
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As I've been focusing on my mixing techniques recently, I like the following resources a lot:

Grammy Winning mixing engineer Dave Pensado spilling all his secrets: Into The Lair - YouTube

I also like the Recording Revolution guy's 5 minutes to a better mix series:
Vol 1: 5 Minutes To A Better Mix: Proper Gain Staging - TheRecordingRevolution.com - YouTube

Vol 2: 5 Minutes To A Better Mix II - YouTube

Vol 3: 5 Minutes To A Better Mix III - YouTube

Other good advice I have found by lurking on message boards that are out of my domain (i.e., house music production). I like visit thread where people people talk about mixing acoustic stuff, or microphones, or songwriters talking about composition and song structure. It gives insight into elements of music that never seem to come up on electronic music forums.
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I haven't checked these out as making music has taken such a back seat lately... but Slynk is making some of my favourite music right now so can imagine there is some useful bits here.
Slynk - Tutorials YouTube Playlist

there are videos on drums, extracting vocals from original content, basslines, and all in Ableton.