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your 3 favorite parties of all time


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HMmmm its so hard to choose!!!!
im trying to remember all the parties i went to! haha! ok lets see here!

***marcus junglist movement:Clash 2 '99

***Kickit '99

***balance '99 (underground 3-day which as far as i know the company hasnt thrown any parties since?!? then again i moved... so iono)



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Ummm, let's see...in no specific order:

1. Phryl - Clockwork 1 (97)
2. Enchanted Forest/Imperialdub tour party (97)
3. Tie: Acid Stomp 2 (96)/Phryl "Empire" (97)

Good times.


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1. Rewind '99
2. Connected '00
3. 3-day at Sauble ('cause of my friends')

Great memories, however fuzzy.
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1: DIY: Spring Roll, March 28, 1999
2: Citrus: Around the World, September 12, 1998 (three days after I started going to school at the science center. it had to be good.)
3: (though I'm not entirely sure) Destiny 31, October 2, 1999 (mainly because of the venue.) or possibly Om '99, or possibly some other party.

the last good party in my mind occured in December 1999 when Next Junction brought Top Cat to the Opera House for free after Phryl/Next Junction Clockwork 3/Slow Burnin' 4. two weeks later a billion new kids would get into the scene, and vibe and culture, at jungle parties and elsewhere, would never be the same...


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TOP 3 Parties....ummmm this year...

1. DJ Dan - Mad Bar - (my fav dj so I am biased)
2. Carl Cox - Turbo - 2 year anniversary
3. Oakenfold @ Tonic (his first appearance there)

All time would be...

1. Syrous rave 1999? - Congress Center
2. Connected rave 2000
3. 3 day @ Sauble Beach


World Trance Festival(now known as wemf) '95
Better Days - Americana '95
514 - Connected 2000

honourable mentions go to:
Utopia - may '95
Destiny 16 '95
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favorite parties of all time

1. Connected 99 (DJ dan, sneak, armind and carl cox.

2. Connected 2000

3. Second Contact (atomic babies and frankie bones)

sooooo many memories


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destiny 3- with my best friend julie
dose- summer of love where i met my husband of four years now

pleasure force-heaven's groove,one of my first crazy rave experiences

poker face

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1. Betterdays last dance. (98?)

2. Betterdays land of milk and honey (96)

3. wemf at christian island!

(I can't remember anything anymore!)

Adam Duke

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sheesh! I can't believe no one mentioned WEMF at Christian Island until now!

1. pHryl - PROGRESS
^^^my addiction to techno begins....

2. WEMF - Christian Island
^^^huge, sunny party ON THE BEACH for 3 days....

3. Darkwoods (i think) - High Park '97
^^^cops, a round of 'kumbaya', and a mobile party on the boardwalk at Sunnyside...

I'm way too nostalgic. I need a new 'best party of all time'.

My Top 3:

1) New Year's December 31, 2000 @ Vinyl in NYC - Tenaglia threw down a sick 14 hour set

2) Space in Ibiza July 1st, 2001 - 22 hours of madness highlighted by Carl Cox, Steve Lawler & Sasha

3) Halloween - October 31st, 2000 - Montreal, Jarry Park - Digweed, LaFlesche, & Deep Dish headlined a great 12 hour party

-Great Parties, with great friends, great crowds and most importantly SICK music
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Sugar D

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'95 Syrous party with DJ Dan & others..

Dose Flashback party w/ old school DJ Dan breaks set. wow!

Better Days party in '97 w/ Sasha & Digweed

Dose 3 year anniversary with Barry Weaver, Czech, Hipp-E etc at Luxor.

my memory is a bit foggy for exact dates!


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1) Celebration 2000 (514 Productions)-Pappa, Ralph, Pullen

2) Connected v.3-(Dose)Oakenfold, Ralph, DJ Dan, Sneak etc etc etc

3) Summers End 99@Warehouse (MWE) --Carter/Morillo


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1 - Atlantis - Airport 94 w/ Moby

2 - Destiny's World Trance Festival 95 w/ Art of Trance/Union Jack/Twister/Andrea Romani etc..

3 - Pleasure Force - New Years 94/95 - all locals!
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Adam Duke

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you know what I forgot????

iDance 2000.

Not really because the music was so amazing, it was 16000 people out there for the right reasons. Incredible vibe with an incredible amount of people. Many partiers that i hadn't seen in forever as well...



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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by CrunchCapn:
In no particular order:

Connected 2000
iDance 2000
Second Contact 1999

very similar to my list, with the exception of iDance (had to work but i went to an afterparty)
Second Contact was the shit. met so many people, puked in a circle of people i didn't know, and Atomic Babies blew the roof off!!!
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