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your 3 favorite clubnights of all-time?

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Weaver @ Turbo March '01
Halo @ Turbo October '00
Glasgow/The Advent @ Tonic December '01

Give it to me R ......... A......... W............ ===================> Suke.


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In general(not SPECIFIC events):

1.Old destiny fridays (11 polson)
2.Old wake up Sundays at the ComfortZone
3.Old Brooklyn space

Could I possibly live for the moment...I don't think so


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Czech/Dj Sneak @Limelight (Feb 2001)
Terry Mullan @ Turbo (December 2000)
Dj Keoki @ System Soundbar (June 2001)

No order.
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Correct me if I am wrong, but Terry Mullen didn't even make it into the country let alone Turbo in December 2000
I remember the expected night very well because I spent New Year's ever there and it was right before that.


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John Aquaviva & DjKarrotte-Lush,London'99.
Perfect night out.Everything went right.Ended up bringing Karrotte back to a friends house and partying till 8am friday morning.It was his first night in Canada,we made a good impression.

Kevin Yost-Corefx,London this year
Dj Heather
Two of my favourite house dj's playing about a 5 minute walk from my house.No cover for either show and they were both on paydays.


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#1) Sasha and Digweed. Guvernment, Canada Day 1999. It was a perfect night in every respect. 'Nuff said.

#2) Cream@Amnesia. Dave Seaman +Nick Warren, Ibiza 2000.
Basically, you haven't really been clubbing until you've been to a Cream event. The night was defined by quality music, gorgeous dancers, a wicked vibe, and mind blowing special effects.

#3) Renaissance@priveledge. Ibiza 2000 BT, Deep Dish, Sander Kleinenberg . mama mia!!!!


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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">UM
Correct me if I am wrong, but Terry Mullen didn't even make it into the country let alone Turbo in December 2000
I remember the expected night very well because I spent New Year's ever there and it was right before that. </font>

Your right, Terry Mullan wasn't there. But that was the night he was suppose to be there. But regardless that night was VERY VERY HYPE FOR ME. Even if it was only Residents. But I remember it as the "Terry Mullan" night, even if he wasn't there.
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Of this year...

Carl Cox - Turbo - March 22 2001
My favorite club night, ever.

Adam Marshall - Loft - Feb 2001

Roy Davis Jr. - System Soundbar - April 2001



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1) Sasha - Guvernment one Thursday night in June '97. OMG!!! Quote of the night "Are you one of those ravers"

2) Derrick Carter - Industry - halloween '98 - we couldn't get into Freakin'. Things do happen for a reason.

3) Tall Paul/ John Aquaviva / Danny howwells - Ministry of Sound Party @ Turbo November of 2000

And the list goes on.......

Booty Bits

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richie hawtin - Lush Nightclub in London ON (Feb 2000)
he made me want to get my mom to start listening to techno. for real.

jeff mills - turbo (Sept 2000)
with my good friends, listening to wicked techno, watching my buddy patio-d lose his shit to the music all night

DJ Astrid - Allenby 58 in Tel Aviv (Feb 2000)
not for the music though, it was just a magical night.


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max graham @ tonic, march 2001
i was rushing like crazy without taking/drinking anything, max kicked my ass.

tonic @ eden (ibiza), july 2001
of all the nights spent clubbing in ibiza, this one is the one i enjoyed the most. no big name headliners, just some b-rated british guys. sweet, sweet house and me dancing my ass off.

can't think of a third right now...how odd.
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1. jeff mills at industry, january 1999

2. richie hawtin at the mockingbird, february 2000



.:. share what you know, learn what you don't .:.


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My faves are as follows:
1. Andy C at Turbo '00
2. DJ Marky at Turbo '00
3. J Majik at Turbo '00

OLM from HOM

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1) Steve Lawler @ Elements Bar, May 2001:
Most memorable night ever. Incredible music, with great friends, and a great feeling.

2) Deep Dish @ System Soundbar, July 2001: Danced all night, to some awesome music, met a lot of great people, and partied with a of people I already knew. Oh, plus I got to meet Deep Dish. LOL!

3) Club 108, some Thursday night in '98 or '99:
LOL, I don't exactly remember when it was, but the events of that night, combined with being out with good friends, great beats, and certain situations made it an awesome night.



Mauro Picotto @ System '00
John Digweed @ Twilo Feb. '01
Steve Lawler @ Element May '01

Honourable mentions go to:
D:Fuse @ Tonic June '01
Nick Warren & Sander Klienenburg @ Twilo March '01
Oliver Lieb @ System Nov. '00
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andy c @ turbo '00
breaksfest @ elmo combo (when it first started)
john b @ fez batik

runner's up:

rewind '00 @ turbo (marcus put down one of the best old school sets of all time)
l double @ funkjunk (when it was in the back room of system only)



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and runners up to:

Sasha and Digweed - Guvernment Canada Day '99

Worst Set:

DJ Trainwreck (caught w/ KiFe in backroom of System, ??-?? '01)


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My ALL-TIME best club night ever in Toronto was held on Thanksgiving Sunday in 97 at Industry.

Derrick Carter (My Fav. deejay at the time) - fresh off a wicked set the night before at a Trancendance Jam, came to Industry - and killed it. If anyone else was here at this Jam - they will remember Industry being so supa-fresh and amazing.

I remember this night so vividly, even though the shrooms and e were very potent....I even tried Special K for the first time in the laydeez bathroom??? I know drug use shouldn't be a factor in this poll, but fuck it, that was one of the best highs I ever had. Great Music, Hot Gals, Nice clean buzz, yep that night gets my vote.

Honorable mention goes to Mills at Industry on my birthday during the blizzard.


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Donald Glaude@Lush in London: Words cannot describe the dirty break nasty house that was unleashed at this afterparty for the London Urban Music Festival (7/01/00)

Tribe 7 Year@Turbo: This was a night to remember, DJ Dan was great as was Maus but that night was all about the TBK.

Donald Glaude@Turbo: His most recent set in Toronto. This one is fresh in my mind so I don't know where it will sit in the grand scheme of things but it was one of the best sets of the summer thus far. PYT anyone?
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