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your 19th birthday


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i was having a conversation with my buddy today reminiscing about that evil night of my 19th birthday...

one word. TEQUILA.
about ten shots of it within an hour.
and i remember going and puking in the bathroom of the ceeps in london and then coming out to someone holding another shot...
then i remember going somewhere else (but can't remember where) with the group, then taking off midway through, and walking back to the frat house we were partying at before...
i think i fell a few times walking through victoria park... i think i walked over (or tried to walk over) one of those orange plastic makeshift fences that construction workers use, and then waking up the next morning with a headache and stories from my friends and boyfriend at the time that i spent the entire night crying and freaking out for no apparent reason.

needless to say i don't drink tequila anymore...

what happened to you????
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le bricoleur

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i went to the Guv *shudder* because it was the only thing doing.
i got asked if i was selling pills ALL night.

"hey! there's the kid with big pants. ask him for 'green motorolas'!"

(apparently, drug dealers take requests)



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i puked on the patio at hemingways.

that's about all i remember, though pictures show that tequila was involved.
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Skipper said:
Mine was a non event considering I didn't have any trouble getting into bars from age 17 onwards.

I don't think anybody but the most inept had a problem getting into bars from 17 onwards.
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I didnt do anything, then did a combo-bday party with another friend who had his the weekend after mine.

I had two or three drinks, got a bit buzzed - but not horribly drunk.
Then had a drunken homo-ertoic situation which lead to wrestling on the floor then me sleeping under a pool tables in my friends basement.


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Mine sucked as I hadn't yet met my "real" university friends yet. It was on like a Monday night during crunch time and not even my residence pals wanted to do anything. I ended up at the campus bar with these two mimbos from my floor and didn't even get that drunk. Then some creepy girl tried to pick me up by telling me that she knew what my favourite foods were because she'd been watching me for weeks. (Although she ended up becoming a friend of mine way later in Uni.)
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I don't remember what I did which is funny considering that there was definitely no alcohol involved. That and it was almost 10 years ago.

Mrs. Pink

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i went to the vibe tribe rave at the old curling rink........just another weekend really, seeing as how i wasn't into really drinking much then...


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I didnt really start to like drinking until I was 21 or so... my early drinking experiences as a teenager put me off for a while. plus being tall, i had been getting into bars for years anyway.

I think i had a house party, but I might have gone to blow-up at the elmo


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Bumbaclat said:
the "official" status, a right of passage.

Do you not celebrate your bday now?

Of course I do, but no one ever starts a thread asking for my story on my 24th birthday or what not. I was referring to the 19th specifically.
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On grad trip with 100 other 18 and 19 year olds from my high school.

Surrounded by all my friends at the beach bar in Puerto Vallerta drinking Tequila. Don't know if I'll be able to match that again.


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Skipper said:
then what is the big deal about the 19th birthday?

For my friends who were big into drinking pre-19 (I was never into drinking, and still not really), it was "OMG, we can drink and use real ID!" type of thing.

Then, once the novelty of being able to drink legally wore off, they probably drank less post-19 then they did pre-19.


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I threw a party with 5,000 of my closest friends at the Staples Center and arrived at the party in my Ver-sase dress riding an elephant which was air dropped into the stadium by a blimp.

Wait, that was my sweet 16.

I have no idea what I did for my 19th. Not because I was drunk but because it was so long ago. :(


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I was lucky enough to celebrate my 19th birthday in Peterborough. We started drinking at Sin City, I drank lots of beer and shots. Then I don't really remember much except that I was involved in my first drunk driving situation and that I puked in my ex's bedroom repeatedly that night.
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