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Younger guys with older girls


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The problem with this thread was the title. It's not about younger guys with older girls rather older girls stalking younger gay men.

You know like the movie Milk , it's not about women breast feeding after all it's about gay politicians...

Anyhow got to agree with Dirty girl on the gay thing if any 19 year old turns down an opportunity with a women older or not somethings not right. Specially if he blames it on training then rolls around with another dude on the ground for an hour.

You know what they say about MMA it's only gay if you look each other in the eye.


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Sorry to hear it didn't work as planned, I'm just surprised that he even felt he was able to chose. He doesn't look like the type that should be turning down women.
Maybe in a world where outward appearance is the sole characteristic that matters when choosing a mate... but if that were the case, it cuts both ways.


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When I was 27 I was dating a 31 year old hair stylist.

Jesus fuck she was bat fucking crazy and such a princess in bed it was so fucking boring. She talked a big game, but had a weak follow through. That lasted for all of 1.5 months -by the end of our relationship, she was talking about moving in, buying a place together, etc., etc. Stage 5 clinger!!
ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha @ princess in bed, so cute!