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you want techno?


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check this link out...I post aswell on tj.com(Outkast79) and created a section in the mixes area of trance, techno, and house....the amount of sets you can down load is ridiculous....a big thanks goes to the panty inspector who has linked tons of newer sets on page two...you wont be dissapointed.


thought I'd link some headz to some unbelievable links....enjoy
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Marquis Dee

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wow that's alot of sets

anyone have any recommendations?

i dl'd the aphex twin vids but the sound is fucked and it crashes my quicktime or itunes... any suggestions?
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Marquis Dee said:
p.s. anyone know where i can get the hawtin set from the last night of tresor the link from TJ is expired
That was sunday there was still another night left. Trespr ended Monday morning.