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prenuptual agreements. yay or nay?

to be honest, i kinda knew what a prenup was but i didn't know the details. so the first online destination i went to was www.prenuptual.com so that i could do a little research. you can get your own easy word processor template for only $24.95!!! keep your prenuptual simple and private, all from the comforts of your own home.

sample excerpt taken from www.prenupkit.com
W I T N E S S E T H:

WHEREAS, the parties have represented to each other that each is single and legally free to marry; and

WHEREAS, the parties presently contemplate marriage to each other, such marriage to be solemnized in the near future; and

WHEREAS, the parties have fully and completely disclosed the nature and value of all of their presently existing assets, liabilities and income to each party's satisfaction; and

WHEREAS, each party recognizes that certain interests, rights, claims, responsibilities and obligations may accrue to each of them in the property and interests of the other as a result of the contemplated marriage between them; and

WHEREAS, the parties desire to define and agree to certain present and future interests, rights, claims, responsibilities and obligations arising out of the said contemplated marriage between them and to fix, limit and determine same relative to the property and estate of the other and to accept the provisions of this Prenuptial Agreement (hereinafter referred to as the "Agreement"), in lieu of and in full discharge, settlement and satisfaction of all interests, rights, claims, responsibilities and obligations which each might otherwise have under the law in and to the property and estate of the other in the event of the parties' separation or dissolution of marriage; and

NOW, THEREFORE, in consideration of the foregoing and intending to be legally bound:

1. General Statement of Intentions: While in no way limiting or restricting the understanding of the parties, the provisions or effect of this Agreement, the parties generally state that by entering into this Agreement each intends to protect and preserve his/her respective separate property as now or may in the future be constituted and to waive any rights either may have as against the other for spousal support, and to minimize the time, and financial and emotional cost involved in the unfortunate event of a future separation or marital dissolution proceeding between them.

2. Disclosure of Facts: The parties hereby acknowledge that, to their mutual satisfaction, each has had the opportunity to ascertain and is fully acquainted with and aware of the approximate income, property, net worth and general financial circumstances of the other as set forth herein; that each has ascertained and weighed all of the facts, conditions and circumstances likely to influence his/her judgment in all matters embodied herein, and that each has given due consideration to all such matters and questions; that each clearly understands and consents to all of the provisions hereinafter contained, having had the benefit and advice of independent legal counsel of his/her own choice; and that each is willing to accept the provisions of this Agreement in lieu of all other rights either may otherwise have under the law but for this Agreement.

if i am going to share my life with someone there is no ownership, simply two souls who choose to be together. it has nothing to do with assets, nor should it. i choose to be with someone for love not money. one less thing to worry about is one less thing to worry about, and no matter how confident you are about your future when statistically speaking the institution of marriage produces a 50% divorce rate, it simply makes sense to separate assets from a legally binding marriage contract, imho.

would you feel insulted if your partner wanted the to enter into a prenuptual agreement?

- that for love or money guy :cool:
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Its easy to say fuck pre-nups when you make under $100K a year. Build up your own personal fortune (a few $million) and see how you feel then.

There are so many horror stories of men getting cleaned out for alimony.

If she won't sign one, kick her to the curb. She's not a whore, she's your wife.
i would definitely sign a pre-nup.

if you're gonna get legally married, you need to accept that marriage is a contract.
i think of a pre-nup as a follow-up to what happens when the terms of the marriage contract are broken.

no biggie.

but no one ever accused me of being a romantic.
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Pfft my father in law was pissed we didnt sign one. So he wont give my wife acces to her Trust fund till hes dead, when that day comes $$$$ :D
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everyone believes in pre-nups, it's just that the majority are too poor for protecting their assets to really enter their consciousness past the idealism

let's say you had a net worth of 20 million before marriage.

now what do you think of pre-nups?
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I am not sure how I feel about the prenup - my ex was all about it and I guess cuz I am a real romantic it is hard to think about signing one. It would be a decision I would really want to discuss and think about before signing - I dunno then I guess there is the argument that if it is all about love then why wouldn't you want to sign one - if you dont want the possessions in the end. But also I think if you are building a life together and a sharing expenses on stuff then it should be 50/50 - blah i dunno - marriage seems so far off for me...
There is absolutely no way I'd get married without one. If there is anything my parents 12 years in court has taught me.... get one. If she said "I won't sign one, it's me or the prenup"...... I'd choose the prenup.

I'm going to make whomever sign one, just to reassure them "if you do leave me you can't get any money so just stick around and I'll buy you a poodle or something" That way avoiding divorce
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