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You think your neighbours are bad, well..


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A retired businesswoman accused of turning a Yorkshire village into a "hamlet of horrors" was given an anti-social behaviour order by Calderdale magistrates court today.

Neighbours in the village of Bottomley, near Huddersfield accused 57-year-old Jeanne Wilding of a "rampaging campaign of antisocial behaviour, acts of hatred and acts of pure evil" since she moved there in 2002.

The dispute initially centred around an unruly clematis plant, but prosecutors claim that Ms Wilding is responsible for 250 alleged incidents over 16 months, including dumping dead animals, rubbish, dog faeces, glass and nails around the village, damaging neighbours' cars, and plying local children with alcohol.

She has also been accused of booby-trapping paint pots, dazzling neighbours' homes with floodlights, throwing compost at her neighbours and assaulting them with her wheelbarrow.


She's sure keeping busy after retirement.. bravo i say
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i'd hit it!
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I blame those damn unruly clematis plants.. how many lives have to be destroyed before something is done already?!