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you canadians are fucked up!!!!

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Big Cheese

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what oh what will happen next in the 'peg?

hey indiana...

i'lls tell u whut... dat shiz hella scary boy...

i've heard worse happen in indy
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ed was a DnB dj know as phonosys... he was also a party promoter here in wpg... he was a good guy who like to party, sometimes a little too much (in my opinion)...

he went missing last year during / after a club night, and hadn't been found till yesterday...

as for the club where he was found, it was previously known as the Die Machine Caberet... then changed to the Collective Caberet...

its rather tragic, considering we have partied there numerous times since.. who knows how long he has 'actually' been there?

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Originally posted by Mike Richards
"The 16-year-old, named only as Malik, lost his penis after receiving an electric shock while urinating on an electric wire."

Haha What a moron!!
[REN&STIMPY]Don't Wizz On The Electric Fence[/REN&STIMPY]

Cheers ... Ian :)


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Originally posted by xsre
The Weird Shit Scoreboard

USA: 8456743876
Canada: 1

rofl pwnt
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Mr Murray said: "He would probably be able to stand up and urinate instead of having to sit and do so."

Soon he will be able to write his name in the snow once again. :)


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I wonder if he will challenge the fence again, this time besting it in short 1 second bursts!