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York University's Computer Music/Synthesis course

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Has anyone ever taken York's Computer Music course (FA MUSI 4151)??

Appartently, we'll be learing Melodine, Reaktor, MaxFlash MSP and CSound. I really don't know what to expect in terms of difficulty; on one hand, this a 4th year course, but then, it's the only one centered on coputer music. If anyone has taken it, some insight would be much appreciated!
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never taken it and wasn't even aware that York offered courses in electronic music production. interesting.


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i don't know anyone who's taken 4151 but i do know someone who took
Digital and Electronic Media II MUSI 2140 6.0
without having taken part I.
he had quite a learning curve but managed ok. i think the final assigment was producing a track. he secretly recorded the prof spewing all sorts of jargon during a lecture and called his track "I don't get this shit" and had a hip hop beat with his prof lecturing and he'd come in on vocals saying "i don't get this shit"
it was fucking funny!

i think i'm going to take those courses at some point

Digital Music and Electronic Media I MUSI 1140 6.0
Deals with the historical, technical and aesthetic aspects of electronic music systems in theory, composition and performance. Work includes the theory and analysis of acoustics, sound recording, classical tape techniques, synthesizers, microphones, mixers and various digital and analogue devices and methods. Prerequisites or corequisites: For music majors, FA/MUSI 1000 6.00 and FA/MUSI 1200 9.00. Open to non-majors and minors by permission of the instructor.

more info here