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YO.....bumrush the show


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night of the living baseheads....

just checking.....Public Enemy and Public Enemy Radio are the same thing? I cant actually verify this via the internet.

The beer festival is telling me that one of my favorite bands are coming to town....but did they change their name?

Toronto's Festival of Beer - Beer, Bands, Food

Flav heads tell me its true...and the real Public Enemy is actually headlining this Jam?
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It could be any number of artists featured on Public Enemy Radio. ...but they are playing with Wu-Tang and De La Soul in UK and Europe later this summer, so... Fingers crossed. I’ll go see Chuck. ;)


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also no flavor flav. apparently it's just Chuck D and a dj.

Public Enemy Radio carries on this powerful legacy, led by Chuck D, DJ Lord and Jahi.
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