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yet another what are you listening to thread

terrawrist III

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not neccesarily this moment but what are you bangin on the headphones right now...what is crankin' your chain?

the new omid LP is kickin' especially shock and awe w/busdriver is command!

anti pop/matt. shipp has been in my player for a while now

been listening to a lot of older big justoleum shit lately(INCREDIBLY overshadowed by EL-P and it's not fair!)


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if i told you what i was bangin you'd probably just hate on it anyhow, so i won't bother.

terrawrist III

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Originally posted by smile
if i told you what i was bangin you'd probably just hate on it anyhow, so i won't bother.

I'm layin' off the snide comments for now...someone has taken up the mantle of smile destroyer and he/she is doing it wonderfully!;)

the only way to keep this forum alive is to contribute with whatever it is you have so POST AWAY(regardless of me or anyone else possibly disagreeing with your choice)
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Joe himself admits he is no DJ Shadow


If you're a Sage fan who is expecting this to be a follow up to Personal Journals, you've been led astray.


Some of the humour should have stayed in the playground ...


"I am a, nightmare walkin', psychopath stalkin' Natalie Portman with a blank tape in my walkman"


Sometimes to move forward, you have to look back.