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Yet another Digital camera thread!


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Sorry for another digicam thread. :D

Ok guys, which one would you get if you had to pick?

This one: Fuji Finepix F601

The FinePix F601 Zoom integrates full digital multi- media video and sound with Fujifilm's new 3.1 Effective MegaPixel Super CCD, and fitted to a sharp 3X optical zoom in our stunning trademark vertical design. Fujifilm's new 3rd generation Super CCD system produces a maximum image file size of 6.0 Million Pixels. Also the new 3rd generation 3.1 million effective pixel Super CCD system can yield 1600 ISO at 1 MegaPixel with minimal electronic noise, higher shutter speeds and extraordinary performance. An optional cradle helps charge the Li-ion battery and acts as a simple USB computer docking station or base for PC-Cam video conferencing, and can also connect to your TV.



Or this one: Fuji Finepix 3800

3.2 million effective pixels, produces image with 2048 x 1536 recorded pixels. Simple user-friendly control and easy USB computer connection. Built into a compact body it features a precision retractable Fujinon 6X optical lens, with 3.2X digital zoom, mini Through-The Lens (TTL) electric viewfinder, pictures voice annotation, video recording, and PC-Cam Internet Mode. Set to automatic, or select manual for greater control over each picture. It has optional wide and tele lenses. Included with a 16MB XD-Picture Card, 4 AA batteries, FinePix Software and USB Cable. Compatible with Win 98, ME, 2000, XP, Mac 8.6-X



Thanks for the input guys! Oh, might I add there's only about a $30-$40 difference between the 2.


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Originally posted by pr0nstar
Fuji sucks in Digital IMO.

Canon or Nikon.

pr0nstar :D

Really? I'm not too familiar with digicams and what brands are good. I just saw these 2 for 3 bills canadian and thought it was a good deal.


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You get what you pay for.
My old roommate had a Fuji and he hated it.

Granted the newer ones might be better, but when he bought a new one he went Canon and couldn't be happier.

And I've owned the Canon S100 and G2 Currently, love them both. I've used Kodak, Sony, Nikon and some other no name ones ;) And I've formed my opinions.

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S400 probably out of their price range.

I want my Digital Rebel SLR! :D
So tempted to sell my G2 to get it... next year, next year!!!


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here is a forum a lot of pro's use to talk about digital camera stuff. if you lurk you can find out all kinds of valuable stuff about processing digital camera images (after you take the photos), and the capabilities of digital cameras in general.

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Aerius Zension

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Actually, newer Fuji cameras are not bad at all. They have teamed up with Olympus and shared technologies. Also, they are trying to steer the market away from CF and SM into XD chips.

True, Fuji is a film company and not a camera compnay, but those two Fuji cameras are not bad.

The 3800 offers a really great zoom length (6x), but at the same time the camera shake on that long range zoom can work against you. Plus, your pics will turn out quite dark the longer range zoom you have. Compared to the F601, it has a very nice feel, SLR-like.

The F601 however does offer you the Super CCD technology. If I remember correctly, those are the cells that read the light to create the pic. Most cameras use the CCD that has square cells set up on a honeycomb shaped sensor grid. Super CCD cells are octagon shaped placed on the same honeycomb sensor grid. This allows for more light absorption and less noise (specs) in the picture. Tha is why they boast that it can give as clear a pic as 6 megapixels. It is an excellent technology exclusive only to higher end Fuji cameras.

Plus, I believe the body of the camera was designed by Porsche. Or at least its previous models were. Very sleek aluminum.

As was previously stated, go for the F601. Much easier to carry around as you can slip it into your pocket and go. Not as bulky as the 3800.