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Yes...Popups Again!


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Okay, I've looked through all the old threads about popups and I still can't find a solution for the problem my dad is having on his computer.

Whenever the computer is on, popups keep popping up, just on the desktop. And yes, I HAVE DISABLED AND COMPLETELY TURNED OFF THE "MESSENGER" THINGY IN ADMINISTRATIVE TOOLS --> SERVICES.

These popups are NOT coming up really while internet explorer is running, as the Google toolbar seems to be catching many of them. The biggest probem are the ones just popping up on the desktop, or while using other applications.

I noticed that his computer was also running kind of sluggishly, and wondered if viruses were perhaps to blame, so I did an online scan on the Trend Micro website. Just as I thought, it came up with approximately 400 infected files! I removed them, went into the registry as directed, deleted problematic entries, uninstalled some malicious programs, etc.

The popups are still here!

What's a gal to do?


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ctrl-alt-del and see if any instances of iexplore.exe are showing, even though it is not "running".


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sounds like you have gator files or something similiar on your computer, get rid of it using AdAware or Spybot

I have had similiar problems, spyware picks it right up.
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use spybot and adaware, sometimes one picks up what the other doesn't

if the popups are when you're not browsing the net, they're probably from adware that one of the two will pick up

if you've got a virus scanner installed, update to the latest definitions and give it a go - it'll pick up trojans that might facilitate spyware from installing itself (there's one particular exploit out there right now that is doing this)

if it's when web browsing, try using a better browser i.e. mozilla firebird which blocks pop ups automatically, or use the google toolbar's pop up blocking functions if you have to use internet exploder


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it sounds like you have purity sccan on your computer......it is programed to allow popups every 20 seconds.......adaware will list it as a problem but won't remove it from your registry im not too sure of spybot

if it is purity scan enter it on google and you will be walked through how to remove it from your computer