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There was a letter to the editor today in the Globe about how difficult it is to keep someone anonymous when you blow up a picture of them on the front page.
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a friend of mine just dropped me off a bag of YERBA MATE.

i've been drinkin about 2 cups a day for the past 3 days.
no REAL powerful changes in me....but yeah, i've been feeling pretty good too.

Dirty Girl

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Originally posted by Subsonic Chronic

In short, it makes people crazy.

: "Don't . It's dirty and it will fuck you up."


Its too bad both of these are soooo fucking true, cause its damn good shit when its not fucking you up:D, but holy fuck does it fuck you up!! Sure fucked me right up, I kicked the habit once and it came back again to haunt me this year, although I've kicked it again, I seriously think its made me a paranoid schizo or something!!
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that first article is so old.. it's even been posted on here before
and the second one has far too many spelling and grammar mistakes

im such a scrooge mcduck today:)