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Yeah For Unions (UAW)


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I work in a unionized tool and die shop. One whose archaic attendance policy has had me in hot water with the attendence fairy there.

Over the last year, I've been suspended a few times from work, because of bad attendence. So, I don't come into work and your gonna punish me by making me stay home some more.

Right now, I'm off on a two week suspension. I was supposed to return (to work) tomorrow, but i called today and took tomorrow as a holiday. :)

Anyways, they've (management) been absolute fuckheads in their hopes of making an example of me. Especially now that we are so slow at work, I don't think they have anything else to do.

They've decided not to accept dr. notes of mine and all sorts of other bullshit.

So last August I was suspended for a month. (that was one solid month of smokin' bud) ;)
I didn't really mind. But I filed a grievance right away.
Well, I just found out today that my company is gonna cut me a cheque for 3 weeks (of that month), instead of risking the arbitrator ruling in my favour for the whole month.

Anyways thats 120 hrs. @ 24/hr.


Actually I am most happy about the fact that I feel redeemed.
I stood for myself and I won.



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well, since there's some union bashing going on around here, i might as well bump this up (since nobody saw it in the first place)