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Yeah for the Negros!


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Well I'm glad that Denzel and Halle won last night.

But I think it's still pathetic that it's such a big deal. And I hate the fact they scan all the black people in the crowd when the awards are given to the "black folk" ...

It's pretty sad that it's taken all these years to finally have an actress and actor win for best roles.

What's next? Asians? South Americans?


P.S. Russel looked like he wanted to beat someone up :D
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I'd like to add, I'm in no way racist ...

I posted a topic with something to catch people's attention.
I just wanna know other people's opinions on this.

And I just find it ironic like I said, it's taken this long. And that they pan the crowd searching for the black people's reactions when the award is given to a person of colour.

It's like they feel the other people could care less or something.

I love Monday morning drama...

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<--- didn't watch the oscars
<--- doesn't give a fuck who won anything, since LOTR didn't win everything
<--- only saw Shrek and LOTR last year :eek:
<--- thinks Kenny is being a drama queen (again)


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Originally posted by pr0nstar
And I just find it ironic like I said, it's taken this long. And that they pan the crowd searching for the black people's reactions

it's kinda like on BET's Comedy show when the comedian makes a white boy joke and then the camera focuses on the one or two white people in the crowd.



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i understand the subject line, its kenny being an attention whore and getting people to click on his thread to see what the hoopla is all about.

like vidman's swastika thread.

so, where's the tribe pc police?? nothing starts the week off like a good ol' fashion pointless argument over someones posting before thinking.

where's pest, im sure he'd have something to add to this, yest most of us wouldnt have to read it. yay.



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Every time I see you write something that is racially insensitive - like your thread title here - you always follow it up with the statement - "I'm not racist."

You've done this numerous times. I know, because I always respond and call you out.

What you fail to understand is - it doesn't fucking matter much to me or many other people on the board. When you happily display such ignorance - It makes you look like a racist twat.

Now c'mon and tell me some more about where you grew up and how many black friends you got......
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The only reason they gave it to 'people of colour' this year is because it was a lean year for Hollywood anyway what with the threat of the actors' guild strike in the spring causing movie production to be rushed - resulting in the crap we had to watch all through the summer and fall - if you notice most of the films nominated were done outside the Hollywood studio system. Lord of the Rings - New Zealand; Moulin Rouge - Australia; Gosford Park- England... A Beautiful Mind was american made but it was the same kind of sensitive-issue pap Hollywood loves to make and award... not really a standout from a film-making standpoint. All the 'craft' awards went to not-hollywood productions.

So it was a weak year for American White Film. What better time to award black actress and actor awards - the films they were nominated for were _not_ critical successes nor were they popular hits. Halle Barry got nominated for her breasts in Swordfish, not for the movie they said she was nominated for. It's a popularity contest. Denzel Washington was nominated because his last name is Washington and also because they neglected to give him one for Philadelphia or Malcolm X. They also got to trot out Sidney Poitier - always a good speechmaking choice in a time when Americans need reasons to feel good about themselves.. Look how far we've come, world? We have to prove ourselves a progressive nation while we're spending our resources beating up on supposedly backward nations. Please.

Anyway, regardless of this it's nice to see the demographics get altered a bit. As Berry said, a door has been opened. Hopefully it'll stay open.

Hi i'm God

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I agree with Kenny... I also think Women should still be barfoot and pregnant :p *ducks* Ok the last part was fictional.

Subsonic Chronic

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Oh cripes... chill out everyone.

It's that same double-standard that I always see. If it had been a black Tribe member who posted the thread no one would be complaining (and if someone had written "yeah for the whities" we'd all be laughing).

There's nothing offensive about the content of Kenny's post anyway... I don't get it.

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Klubmasta Will

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1. there are better ways to get attention than to insult racial minorities. "yeah for the negros"? "the black folk"? that's just hilarious.

2. the academy awards for best actor and actress were the first 2 leading actor awards ever given to african-americans. it was GROUNDBREAKING - along the lines of jackie robinson, arthur ashe, mohammed ali, tiger woods, et al. - it represented the breaking down of a long-standing barrier in the entertainment industry. it was a VERY important moment for african-american actors - something that their community has been looking forward to for many years now - which is why the cameras tried to catch the reactions of those who were the most moved. why is that "pathetic"?

3. acheron - your assessment may be a bit unfair. both denzel washington's and halle barry's performances received loads of critical acclaim. they were both top contenders leading up to the awards show.


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Some of you people need to lighten up and get lives!!! All Kenny is saying is that:

"Yeah for negros" is him "spoofing" on the oscars because that is basically what the said by there use of segeratory camera work.

And that they should have made a better effort to view everyones reactions in the audience.

Can't we all get along?!?! :D


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I understand PronStar's justification for creating this thread. It is true that for whatever reason the academy decided this was going to be the year to celebrate the achievements of people of colour in film. I look at it more like these are lifetime excellence awards for both Berry and Washington (even though Berry's so-called "excellence" may not justify this award, although she does have excellent breats...). Anyway when you see through the thin veneer, this is Hollywood's way of marketing to an under-exploited demographic. People of colour do not watch as many mainstream Hollywood films because they are under-represented. What better way to show the african-american community that they are respected and their needs are understood by Hollywood than to give the top two african-american actors the highest accolades?

All that aside I am very uncomfortable with the use of a term clearly defined as derogatory in the title of a thread. Nothing could be more exclusionary, what if a young person of colour logged onto Tribe this morning and saw that thread title? Would he/she have any motivation to further explore this community or even return after understandably receiving the impression that this is a board sympathetic to racist ideals?

In the future Pronstar choose more wisely the means through which you seek attention...don't be an idiot.

Klubmasta Will

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'the academy' is not a group that sits around and plans out these elaborate schemes. it is made up of over 6,000 members from various parts of the film and other industries. they do not have meetings together and they are not permitted to discuss their voting with anyone else. i would imagine that the people who voted for denzel washington and halle barry had a variety of reasons for doing so.

as for defeding pronstar - how is the title "yeah for the negros" an acceptable spoof of yesterday's telecast?

if china had won in the best foreign picture category and the cameras decided to film the chinese audience members, it would not be acceptable to "SPOOF" such a harmless directorial decision by saying "yeah for the chinaman" and referring to all the "yellow folk" in the audience.
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