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Yar sunday

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today is great. i have been on the couch allllll day. i NEVER do that and it's so nice. it's the start of reading week and i have a place to myself. i'm very happy today

now i just need someone to do my essay and make the cat stop meowing over and over and over and over and over again


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this thread needs more pirates

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Holy shit girl, those are some mad abs.

*reaches for another valentines chocolate*

(and what kind of jeans are those?)


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Smokin' a wee bit and drinking some white wine at the moment...so perfect to end the weekend.

oh, and doing laundry too.

yee haw.
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yeah, kiera's got some crazy skinny body right now

don't worry, it's because she's young

just wait till she hits her early/mid-20's

i just had some chocolate too :)

Temper Tantrum

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Originally posted by Eccentric (LRG)
where'd you climb?
outdoors or in the big industrial building by the water ?
Boiler Room, it was my first time there and it was fun. I usually climb at the rock oasis in toronto :) took a day trip up too k-town on v day for some different climbing.

kingston is gorgeous. i'd never been there before and i totally fell in love!