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Yamaha SU700 Sampler for Trade

halo five

TRIBE Member
Looking to trade a Yamaha SU700 Phrase Sampler..

- Memory maxed out to 68MB
- SCSI expansion board installed and internal floppy drive replaced with zip 250mb drive. (Still have the old drive if you want it, in all it's 1.44MB glory.)
- 3 chainable effects processors
- 42 tracks, 32000 note sequencer
- LFOs and resonant filters
- Midi In/Out
- Original packaging/manuals/cds etc.
- Perfect for drum loops and/or creaky ambience
- One control knob is a bit flaky, otherwise great condition.
($7US from Yamaha Canada for a replacement)

- http://www.vintagesynth.org/yamaha/su700.shtml

Trade for any/all of the following:

1. Bass Guitar + Amp (+ Case?)
2. Synths / Drum Machines / FX / Other Boxes with Knobs
3. Other things musical considered
3. $$$

Offers/Questions -> post here or email -> firsttimeoneverything at hotmail dot com
- Will
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Mike Goodwin

TRIBE Member
hey take a look at what i got posted up here on the board.

Got a mixer, compressor and a quad gate. Let me know

Michael Goodwin