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Yahoo Pools


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So, playoffs for football coming up!

Jah 1, sorry you wont be making it.
Pete...you are next :p

Didn't make the playoffs in one league, even though I had the 4th highest points total out if 12 teams.

And squeaked in the other pool, Pulled out the win, and got help from the team ahead of me...I had 3rd highest points total oin that one. I seemed to go up against someone who had guys like Portis last week, with the 5 TD's, every week.'

Well, the leader is weak, I think I can take him down next week. Made a trade in that pool 4 weeks ago or so...got Vick, Harrison(he was hurt at the time) and Kevin Barlow for Dominik Davis(hurt now), Reggie Wayne and Tommy Maddox. That trade could win it for me. My RB combo of Duece and S. Davis ois awesome, and hopefully Vick can be sick over the last 3 weeks. He looked awesome in that Sunday night game.

NHL pool

1 Last Place! 144.5
2 KYFE 142.5
3 Fucking Leafs! 137
4 London Pub Crawlers 115.5
5 Toronto Maple Lafs 114.5
6 Marklar 112.5
7 paycheque_effort 110.5
8 BonG_LoaDs 109
9 infirmity 108.5
10 Get out of the way! 107.5
11 leafbud 106.5
12 Road Apples 100.5
13 Crocodile_Hunters 96
14 Team IR/NA 92
15 Geriatric Leafs 82
16 Beatjunkies 81
17 Sweet Sugar 72.5
18 North York Rangers 48.5

Pretty decent so far...I'm just getting by in 6th place there. I am Marklar. My goalie situation is crap right now. Fernandez, Eshe and now Grahame are putting up good numbers, just dont have the right guy in on many nights, lost at least 4 or 5 winds and a couple SO's. :(

My forwards are really good, and my D gets me PIMers so I think this team could do well, hopefully I can trade for a goalie or mine do better, and I actually start them.

If everyone could post there yahoo ID, I'd like to be able to match up a few Triber's names to Yahoo ID's...

Hillbillies...Zorro, MattsMeyhem?

I had a dream last night that they took Yahoo Pools away...LOL, I was sad.



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Oh, Obviously....

Tribe name: Preroller.
Yahoo name: Preroller.
I mostly use south park names for my teams.

Oh and all you basketball guys out the in Tribe land! HAHAHA

Talkin all your smack, and your letting an unknowledged one beat yaz all! (well, cept for T crack to the rack)



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LAST PLACE!<---------->or Hillbillies depends on the pool.
Of course I missed the playoff's in football. And came in a close second in Baseball.

How the hell I got into first place in hockey beats me, truthfully a couple of trades right at the start helped, nudge nudge wink wink know what I mean, know what I mean. After the draft I took one look at my team and what I thought was deseverd so named my team.


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i was starting to do well in the yahoo pool, and then the server went down one day, and i couldn't edit my lines that weekend and sundin RAN THE FUCKING POINTS LIKE NO ONES BUSINESS, but of course he was on the bench for both games.

i'm happy with my current position though
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Whatever non participater :p

This weeks matchup...Leafbud Pete got help from me to get in...now he's goin doon!