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yahoo emails not getting to hotmail


TRIBE Member
I've been having trouble sending emails from my yahoo account to hotmail accounts.
I do a test using yahoo webmail and from outlook, sending an email to one of my hotmail addresses. but it never shows up. It's not in the junk mail folder and my yahoo address isn't blocked.

i sent a group email the other day and most if not all of the yahoo email addy people didn't get my email.

can anyone help?
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hotmail seems to have a really messed up junk mail filter/mail queue. Messages from most places take forever to show up in my hotmail box, and quite a few get incorrectly junked and or bounced.

My gmail receives messages much faster and more reliably.


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ya hotmail's pissing me off... it's usually used for my junk mail. but most people still use it normally. which causes a problem for me cause my yahoo emails aren't getting to them. very frustrating.