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Yahoo! bulkmail


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Hi everyone -

If you're a egroups (now yahoo groups) user or use any of Yahoo's services, they just did a really nasty trick to bulkmail you. The info on it is available at:


Bottom line: They have added you to over a dozen bulkmailing lists they've set up and default selected "yes" to receive their garbage. Make sure you log into the preference section of your account to reset these options to NO before they start hitting your email address with tons of bulk mail.


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got this which explains in more detail....

> Yahoo users will be given notice and a 60-day period for the opt-out,
> might as well take care of it now.
> If you want to opt out, go here and log-in:
> http://groups.yahoo.com/>">groups.yahoo.com/">http:/...ahoo.com/>
> groups.yahoo.com/
> [You can also go to edit.my.yahoo.com.
> log in, and follow the directions below.]
> Then scroll up to the top right corner and click on "Account Info."
> You will be asked to provide your password again. After entering
> password, click "continue."
> You will be taken to your Account Information screen.
> Look under "Member Information" on your "Yahoo ID Card." Under
> mail addresses" is a link that says "Edit Your Marketing
> Click on it.
> Make sure to select "no" for every option you don't want notices on,
> including the two way down at the bottom for phone and snail mail
> (Note that it will probably have "yes" pre-selected for most options
> just click "no" to change it.)
> Before you leave this screen, ALSO click on the option near the top
> of the page that says "Edit Email Subscriptions."
> Select "no" for every option you don't want to receive e-mail on.
> Then click "save changes" (top right).
> Select "continue" when it takes you to the next screen. That will
> you back to your "Edit Marketing Preferences" screen.
> Then click "save changes" and then click "continue."
> Lots of steps, but hopefully it'll keep a lot of Yahoo SPAM out of
> mailbox.