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yahel - private collection


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cut & paste time.. here's the cover of yahel's new album:



so here's a poem someone composed in response...

<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Author: russ (210.158.200.---)
Date: 01-23-02 14:38

i do not like your face young man,
are you yourself your biggest fan?
i do not like it on a rug, i do not like it on a jug,
i do not like looks so smug,
i do not like your ugly mug.
so why not on your next CD,
put a big face of smiling me!</font>


why do they put their faces on their albums now? trance superstars in general, i mean...


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First PvD then tiesto, now yahel. I think they're trying to be like the Global Underground series.


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nah, havent heard this one yet. when i cut ties with the mp3 release group i was in, that was it... no more ftps with anything i need. [btw: this is why i laugh when people ask what or who "gem" is]

apparently the word is that there's some funky house type sounding stuff as well as a boatload of lalalala trance... -shrug- i wont make judgements on the music til i hear it. i like some yahel.


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That's funny - was listening to Real samples off this album @ Psy Shop last night - I actually really liked some of the tracks, though not all.

Another CD release they're featuring is Sonic Fusion's new one - some great tunes! Some tribal goa with a little psy-techno thrown in. Anyone checked it out?

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