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YAAAP so Uganda bans gays.


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First of all who cares what Uganda or basically most of Africa thinks.

But secondly, real people will be hurt by these new laws.

At least the law was watered down: it started off that homosexuality was punishable by death and that not reporting homosexual people would likewise land you a life sentence but... Hey let's talk about the good!

So now it's only a life sentence, since, as the president himself says, it's "disgusting", and 96% of Ugandan's seem to agree. Those that can't read anyway. I'm sure life in a Ugandan jail is just fuckin' peachy.

Oh I'm guilty too I've been to places where technically I should have had my head lobbed off because I nailed that hot Swedish student with a Calculus textbook on the beach....

It's at times like this where I regret volunteering for what, basically to me, is a backwards culture that more or less deserves to be ravaged by AIDS.

Yeah buddy, fucking a virgin will cure you of AIDS! Yeah high five! Bah, condoms, totally white people just trying to get rid of Africans... Go for it dude!

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Yeah, Uganda is fucked in this regard. Even if you find something disgusting, why make it illegal when its not hurting you? Oh that's right, because they'll attack children and give them aids.... :rolleyes:

I've noticed that some countries have been shifting towards stricter laws when it comes to homosexuality. India, Russia, and Uganda are all prime examples.
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Scott Lively, former Oregon anti-gay activist, says Uganda law too harsh; he prefers Russia | OregonLive.com

What makes a man like Scott Lively tick? Why so much hate and anger?

He seems to have spent his entire career striking out against homosexuality. Apart from co-writing an absurd book (The Pink Swastika) that points the finger at homosexuality for the rise in Nazism, spreading insane propaganda where he's clearly confused about the difference between homosexuality (consensual sex between two adults) and pedophilia (the sexual abuse of a minor) and now spreading his glorious love throughout Uganda. He's been a major player in this decision, even though he's trying to back away from the violent angle, I'm sure he's rubbing his hands with glee.

He's a closet case though, right?


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I am disinclined to play the race card, but, I feel it's necessary here.

White aka Western Europe> "No problem. We have bigger problems."
Asian aka South Western Asian (minus the Muslim places) "Hey our boys are hotter than our women!"
Northern Africa> "We don't have sex at all. I don't even know how I was born."
Middle Africa> "I'll fuck you for some water... but... let's do it at night...."
Southern Africa> "Don't you mind those mosquitos bitch, I'll be returnin' those empties."
South Africa> "Yes, we're white and polite now. Please do not rob my vehicle. Oh you already did?